Troop purchasing

I would like to see an option of troop purchases at a reasonable price
Say $30 for35k troops $80 100k troops and $160 for 220k troops
Something along the lines of that.
It’s a money maker and good for players


You can already buy diamonds, use those to buy troops.

Your pricing ideas are… a little optimistic though.

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Increases money income for PG… Nothing a f2p player cant get without spending… Sounds good!

Please no. There’s already enough spending to get ahead, let’s not add yet another avenue for that.

Well, spending is what keeps WD alive tho…

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It would be easier to just have a straight troop purchase than having to buy diamonds and then buy troops.
I like to use diamonds for other means than to buy troops.
Plus the cost for diamonds is ridiculous and way overpriced.
I would like to see the paperwork on how many actually buy diamonds at the cost they are asking.
And then compare it with my suggestion and see which one makes more money.
Offer a reasonable troop purchase at a fair price and you will see the difference in buying or up the diamonds in purchase making it more attainable for people wanting to spend and buy

Just change the word “diamonds” on anything else in game and it will still be true. Same will happen with troops, if they will be provided. No exceptions.

hmm… wasn’t there a lawful reason the max of what apple/google can charge you capped at $99.99?

maybe i’m thinking of something else.

I can make in game purchases of up to 159.99 aus dollars

ah… nvm. :point_up_2:t2: murikan here.

You used to be able to purchase instant troops in packs. It was horribly unbalanced to have teams with deep enough pockets just assault you for days on end through purchased troops. I am glad those packs are gone.

Yes, you can purchase troops by using diamonds but to do that you have to purchase bullhorns/hats and gold with those diamonds so it is more regulated.


More expensive and more hassle of a process it sounds like…try again the straight troop purchase… the game is already unbalanced with troops,lvls, glory etc . ok you do make a valid point with teams assaulting you for days… but I think that still happens anyway.
From my playing point I don’t attack castles for glory… I’m still learning that… I have 2 s2 prims, and nearly a 3rd. I have mythic defense gear, maxed riders at lvl 244 from grinding at aligane… I’m sure they can come up with something it just sucks that a mid lvl 500 can zero my troops so close to eos and I get bugger all glory to finish branches.all cause there bored cause pg need to fix prim and lvl rider problem for bigger players. if that’s the case let me buy some troops at a reasonable price and not at the price of diamonds which is actually ridiculous so I have enough troops to finish the hard work I’m putting in…

I appreciate how passionately you want to stand up for this idea. Having experienced how it can be used as an exploit and can make issues of dominance far worse, I will remain to disagree.

I believe you made the very point that makes this a tenuous argument; ultimately purchasing troops is easier. Imagine how easy it will be for people with more time, dedication AND deep wallets to completely inundate all atlas battles if they could access large amounts of troop more readily and instantly on top of what they are will to get through grinding.


It is. But there is a balance. The game needs f2p players as well as spenders

I personally would never buy troops or even diamonds.

However if some people would want to do that I dont see why not. If you buy 35k diamonds right now you can also turn them into hats and gold, not sure exactly how much but 10k diamonds would result in 8k troops or so.

So if you can already do it, why not give a direct option to buy troops?

Because the direct route is a buff. Straight up. And there is a huge difference between spenders and non spenders already. It doesn’t need to be made larger.

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Do not pass go. PG does not offer reasonable prices, except regular elite. Once you accept this reality, all things begin to make sense. PG sense.