Troop revival bug

Ok so here’s how to replicate the problem

  • first 2 queues are full. Try to revive max troops (8000 hats) with enough gold.
  • The popup will show you to build only 1 troops. No other options to revive the maxed troops.
  • Game will “appear” to take the appropriate amount of gold, but no troops built.
  • need to restart game to fix this issue because game will be then stuck in a loop. Cant build anymore troops with max hats
  • bug only appears when reviving anything less than max amount (4k troops) with full 8000 hats

@PGDave could you please take a look at this issue?

Had same thing happen to me - and it took all my gold too :frowning:

Restart will fix (or at least it works for me)

Oh yeah now I remember - it looked like suddenly I had a lot of gold - must have been because I restarted.

Have you got the chance to take a look at this bug yet?
And apparently different platforms are acting differently for the fix of this. On Android, when you forced close the app, you get the gold back. On iOS, you lose the gold

I haven’t personally looked into this yet, though it is in our bug backlog. My gut tells me this is likely a visual glitch, but we’ll get to the bottom of it regardless.

Someone told me, you have to manually type in the amount or slide the slider for troops for it to work if you don’t have the max revivable amount.

Yikes. Well that makes it sound easy to reproduce at least.

and some lost gold because of this

try to revive 3999 troops. works for me

When you have less than 3999 troops to revive but with full hat and maximum amount of gold for it, you will be stuck in a loop

It just happened to me and it defaults to a number greater than the number of troops needing recovery.

I took screenshots if you want. Doesn’t matter If queues are empty or full.

I have 3282 troops to recover and it’s defaulting to 3704.

Manually typing 3282 (real number of troops in recovery pool) it works just fine. (Or at least it was repeatable until I did so, and now everything looks okay but I haven’t done math on if the time or good costs are correct

EDIT: Gold did disappear for me as well, but it was all still there when I returned. Guessing the visual can update without validating new amount.

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Might not hurt to throw the ticket number in this thread

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