Troop speedup with less taps

We all speedup our troops in Atlas for whatever reason but wouldn’t it be nice to have them automatically sent to the barracks, after we speed them up, instead of having to tap additionally times after we speed them up?


That would be wonderful! I wish this this they would incorporate that little fix everywhere though!

It would be nice. All troops should just be transferred to the barracks, they should never go directly on a prime.
Im not sure how feasible it would be though for finished troops to just be added without having to claim them. Claiming is a fundamental feature in the game. It would be lovely if it wasnt but I’d guess that it’s so that people know that their prizes/troops/whatever is there. If it was just auto collected people would probably be claiming that the troops they were building vanished or their event prizes vanished.

A “collect all” button would be really nice though, especially for event and atlas event prizes


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