Troop Training again?

Why do we have troop training again? It was the event before primarch leveling?
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Bc pvp events were taken out bc the season is a giant pvp event.

Already a discussion started here:

I would have expected crafting TBH
But will be appreciative if they are trying to get scroll costs implemented prior to running that event again


There’s still crafting tho :joy:
It can’t be troop training - prim leveling - troop training - prim leveling

L M A O ! ! !
I’m sure it’s just a mistake and will be sorted soon.

oh sure it can. When have you ever known PG to have any imagination in the events lineup?

fwiw, the current event rotation should now be train troops - level primarchs - train troops - craft gear (loop)

There’s interest in doing some other events, but there’s some other items which need to be addressed first (e.g., glory scaling tweaks).


How long will it take for you guys to address what needs addressing? Troop and primarch training, I see it with the season but craft gear? We would be crafting every two weeks and at the current cost it would be impossible. Will the cost of crafting be addressed before the next crafting event?

Also what about the rider glory that was never given to my riders along with many other people. I put in a ticket. it’s been days no response.

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I believe you can also earn prizes by fighting poachers – so you can save up your crafting materials and pick and choose which crafting events you want to participate in perhaps. I don’t have an ETA for adding more events to the rotation (nothing is on the drawing board) but maybe it would make sense to tweak the cadence (e.g., one Atlas event per week instead of two).


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I thought it was a mistake

3 gold intensive events back to back :sob: that’s not sustainable given the meager amount of gold were able to farm daily.

How are ppl supposed to upgrade infrastructure through all this? Doesn’t seem possible at all with this rotation.

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The cost for crafting is supposed to be decreased. Is that happening next crafting event?

If you are to make it once a week would the events be longer? For the record I don’t agree with this. I really hope you guys fix this. I look forward to the Atlas events especially during regular game minor events and I like how they are shorter and almost back to back.


@AphroditeTG To be clear, there are no plans to change the cadence right now … I was floating the idea to see what the community thought.

I agree with Aphrodite. It’s nice to have a reason to play on the “off” days between main game events and, like now, during a slow minor event. I think the main issue for most players is the slow gold production. I haven’t even been able to save up the 3.5 mil to spend on opening a second prime slot because I’ve been spending all of my gold on the events :grin:

Not only that but the lack of confidence with spending troops. I’m sorry but I know a lot of people were affected by the “no rider glory” how are we suppose to use our troops, and train primarch and riders every week when we still haven’t been refunded the glory. I haven’t seen the situation formally rectified. I’m still waiting. :woman_shrugging: How am I suppose to feel comfortable to par-take in this new season which messed up our regular rotation! I’m salty about all of this. I want a different form of kingpin introduced. Lower the amount of glory, amount of kingpins released i don’t care but to say we are taking this away deal with this and by the way all normal mechanics might not work.

wow, 5 points per poacher. Down from 6 and if my memory serves me, down from 8 when i first was added to Atlas.

I wish someone from PG would just come out and say “hey we don’t expect u to be able to participate in gold heavy events back to back to back without spending rubies”…so we at least can set correct expectations for ppl.

I also don’t know why it’s so hard to get an answer about crafting cost reductions, primarily scroll cost.

We need answers! :joy::joy:

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Scroll costs are being tested and verified before being set live. It shouldn’t be too long now.


Thank you for the update. Hoped for an eta but understand u may not be able to accurately provide one at the moment

What about the rider glory that was never reimbursed. I already took the rider off the perch and put him back. I had an offensive and defensive rider.