Troop training event not during PvP event

I’m not sure if this has already been mentioned or suggested. But is it possible to delay the atlas troop training event so that it doesn’t coincide with a PvP event?

We get 2 Atlas events per week, it’s inevitable for troop training to coincide with pvp


But why though?

Why? We have troop training every week from Thursday night to Monday morning, there is no time to push it to. PvP bubbles dont affect being able to train new troops, nor does it affect being able to recover already dead troops. Go kill a bunch of troops before the pvp starts, there’s plenty of time to do that Monday - Wednesday

Troop training is fine as is, it’s Primarch and Gear leveling that need changes (gear leveling needs more prizes added)


Are you legit not able to train troops during pvp due to being too busy, or is it a matter of wanting to glory swap (for dead troops to revive) and not able to store towers during pvp? Something else?


For me it is being too busy with PvP going on

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