Troop Training increase

I saw this last Glory hunting event and was curious. Is training troops and reviving them twice as effective during this event. I seemed to be able to do twice as many as usual. Then the training troop event started and it went back to normal amounts I get. Thanks for help! level 98 with over 200k troops so I promise I know what i’m doing… sometimes ha!

It basically is yes.


You can train 4800 troops during FFG instead of the usual 2400 with full hats. Revives are the same but are only 2.09M good during FFG

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The amount of troops able to be trained was increased when the glory event was first instated. This was employed as a developer response to the very valid complaint that players posed of the effect that the event imposes on trained troops that are not hospitalized. The increase was a gesture made to counteract that issue.

Thanks all for you answers.


If you have atlas elite you can heal up to 12k troops or 4k new troops

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