Troop training/reviving cursor after latest update

After this latest update the cursor for training/reviving troops starts at the left hand side of the default ‘1’.
Can this be change back to the right hand side? It’s very inconvenient to hold and drag the cursor to the right to backspace over it as iOS doesn’t have a delete button.
Or better yet… start it with a ‘0’ as default…
Are others having this issue?


cursor’s been like that forever on my ipad. -as in it blinking on the leftside of the number.

so i’m used to it.

:confused: Dunno how to react, as the cursor feels the same for me (default = maximum possible troops built with available resources)
Mistook cursor on textfield with scrolling :see_no_evil:

OMG I’m not the only one… I HATE this, I use to tap 2 times to have the “mark everything” option, then delete it, then overwrite it :dizzy_face: :joy:

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maybe he uses his diamond to train/revive instead of the gold mined into your storage, then what he says makes sense.

Exactly this

The cursor used to be on the right side of the “1”

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Still felt no change though, as I used to tap and hold.

Yeh I do use diamonds if I dont have gold… jumping in quick for missions and train some troops during the day you don’t always have time for a few invaders. But even with any gold less than max troops it is to the left of the first number so I can’t just backspace over them.
It never used to be this way for me… tap anywhere on the number box and backspace over the 1 or whatever number is there then enter the troops… but now have to manually move the cursor 0.5mm to the other side of it. Just a hassle!
Also why can’t PG just default to a number pad instead of QWERTY keyboard I mean you’re only entering numbers…

it’s been left for me for a long time now, so i got used to it by doing exactly this.

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I don’t wanna get used to it, as it worked perfectly fine for me, before the last update. I wish they could change it back like it worked before :sweat_smile:

if you tap very precisely aimed right next to the number, you can still get the cursor at the right side of the number with a single tap. :smirk:

That’s true, unfortunately it’s a lot harder than double death gaze towers :joy: :joy:


That’s not always the case. I can have 3m gold, try to revive 12k troops and it defaults to 11,999. :woman_facepalming:t2:


very true.