Troop training update?

Will there be an update to increase the amount of farmers can have as a max. I find it hard to build troops wile also getting glory, but most of that is due to the cap of 12k max troops being trained at one time. I know we can buy some of the things to instantly summon x amount of troops but that is not an possible action for everyone as some people play for free. It would be nice if those who play for free can get the instant summon by either a new branch in atlas seasons or giving them as rewards in the process of prizes in an event. I am just wondering if there will ever be a way to build troops easer as for new players to atlas the troop building is kind of a turn off to playing in atlas as it is an uphill climb.
Sry if some of this doesn’t make sense as I am typing on my phone and can’t read it all.


I find saving my bullhorns and extra gold packs quite handy for troop training event.

The hospital cap is a pain because intuitively you wanna build new troops but it’s easy to max out your hospital earning glory and then having to make the tough choice of reviving some troops or finishing the event with lower points than you would like.

I would be happy if the hospital was doubled :slight_smile:


I would be happy if troop building would go faster and cheaper :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! More room indeed!

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Hospital doubled (at least)
More farmers more quickly

I will always say, if PG wants us to be competitive in Atlas, they’ve gotta allow us the necessary rss to sustain the competitive play style.


Personally, I use troop building event to heal troops and glory event to build new ones.

But, it’s probably easier for me being higher level and thus having more hospital space.


My capacity is 230k but that’s pretty easy to hit on day 2 without maxing the event :frowning:

I don’t have issues with hospital space. Never have the troops to fill it


The hospital cap is definetely too low. It should be doubled or even just be infinite. But then I guess that wouldnt force us to waste horns reviving outside of troop events to make space

Same, it has been a minute since I actually built troops during a troops event


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I reckon PG probably thinks that a hospital gate forces more atlas elite subscriptions.

But I reckon the farmers hat to build / revive troops is sufficient enough of a gate as it is. Double gate just means less atlas activity which means more atlas stagnation.

Stagnation equals boredom and people finding a new game which means less subscriptions.

Generally once people hit hospital cap they need to wait until the weekend to revive their troops. And every second weekend we have atlas shields.

Net effect is that the hospital is an unfortunate mechanic that is detrimental to gameplay and player retention.

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I use auto regen hats to build new troops. And horns to revive. Up to a maximum of 6 hats per 12k revives for max efficiency

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Do you revive mostly during the weekend training event but then also through hunt for glory as needed?

Yes. So let’s take my current present state.
So I am finished with troop building event. I have 75k troops still to revive. I’ll do that with natural hats revival which will leave me with 0 in hospital when glory event starts.

When glory event starts I’ll use hats revival to build new troops constantly and if/when I get low on free hospital space, I’ll use bullhorns to revive troops while still using hats to build new ones. I’ve found it to be the most efficient way.

Generally speaking I’ll max every atlas event with exceptions to when I’m really snowed under with work.

I do buy atlas elite but that’s all. And I’m sitting on just under 800k diamonds. So the method seems to work.

To max out gear levelling event, I keep a level 9 piece of spare gear for every element combination. I don’t use rubies to speed up gear items as find that inefficient. So when I get a lot of spare shards for one element I’ll level the piece of spare gear and just cancel it for the “free” points.

I know this also sounds inefficient but, I’m lucky enough to be in a position to have multiple sets of max gear of every element and can grind shards as have a lot of castles.


Cheers for the detailed explanation I’ll give that a shot!

Do you never buy anything with diamonds not enough to level prims?

I feel like I’m running a fairly low efficiency. Also use atlas elite and probably do 75% of the prizes so there is plenty of room for improvement.

I used diamonds to speed up attacking prims but not defensive. I left those to level naturally.

But I know that isn’t possible for everyone. We are a primarily attacking team and rarely do I need to defend, so I’m able to do this.

Some may rarely attack but always defend and some may have to do a lot of both.

So it’s different horses for different courses.


legendary, elite, or does it matter

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Doesn’t matter tbh. Whatever you have that you don’t need maxed.


It’s even better to start/stop building a shield/sword as it uses less shards and more scrolls. Takes way longer tho


This I didn’t know. So that would be a better option for those like me with a bazillion scrolls. Thanks for the tip