Troops and primarch power

I was wondering should primarch power be linked to the number of troops on it?

The reason I ask is there already appears to be some correlation between the troops on a prim and the result of a battle. Hit guards with a fully loaded sieger and then again with 8k loaded and you’ll see a marginally different result.

There’s also an odd level of inconsistency about the effect of troop loads in the game. Load minimal troops on a trapper and your trap duration is shorter/non existent.

However I believe even a 1 troop sieger provides the full debuff effect on a fort and I don’t think they have any affect on the taunter cooldown.

Now personally id like to see a change where primarchs stats are split into a base part and a troop dependent part. Where for example half the power would be the base power and the other half increases with the troop load and caps out at half the capacity. So a 37.5k maxed silver 1 sieger would have the maximum power.

The reasoning for doing this is it might encourage more use of loaded primarchs whereas now there’s is only really downside to doing that.

Thoughts and comments very welcome.

Are you referring to hunt power of a primarch?

If so it used to require more troops and was relaxed after a large number of complaints regarding silver primes feeling punishing to use on higher tiered lands. Or that’s what I remember.

Yeah trappers didn’t used to have a troop requirement. They were massively abused and magically a troop requirement was added.

I’ve long since felt all that needs to happen is that this mechanic get used a lot on siegers and it will cause some kind of troop fullness mechanic to get added. But I have yet to see it.

I suspect it’s because when you come in with just 1 troop, you can’t do anything but sit there. Trappers you had a trap button so small players had something more to do than just sit there. (Just barely more, but enough to do something)

Sounds like you are trying to fix sniping. Something I want to see fixed as well.

You are saying essentially make primarchs stats grow with their fullness. I’ve seen similar proposals before. I’m not opposed to something like this, but I don’t think it would have any more impact than the large
Army bonus currently does. Simply because it’s still likely more productive to snipe…(albeit less productive)

I think the problem we have is that sniping is a mechanic we use to overcome other broken aspects of atlas, so unless we fix multiple things at once, we likely have to take one step backwards before we can take two steps forward.

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you can see how long it will trap. trap duration is determined by troop count on trapper.

There is and you can see unlimited examples of it here with mech’s calculator.
Or you can open up the maths and see what the formula is


Hi thanks for that I know this I was more posing the questions of the primarchs stats themselves should be more affected by the % of troops loaded. I.e. should you receive the full benefit of a level 25 silver 2 sieger/trapper if you only load 2-3k on it at a time.

The references to the others was more to emphasise this wouldn’t be an entirely new concept as they are already taken into account in other areas

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