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So I’ve asked support about this before and they didn’t give me a real answer before closing the ticket. I’m hoping someone here is more knowledgeable.

The max troops you can lose is 7.5k in a single battle. No matter how many troops I and the other person have I’ve only been able to kill 5K of their troops. This last time tho I was able to lose 5.8k even but when I attacked him back he only lost 5K again.

Am I missing anything about troop lost maxes?

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Did you do 100% damage on his base?


Maybe he only had 5,000 troops left?

He only killed 5.8k of your troops because he only destroyed 67% of your base.

Not to mention what a waste of troops by him/her…

100% every time with one drag

And we had extra troops after every battle except when I got wiped out the one time.

Idk, maybe because you’re attacking with a destroyer.

pretty hard to get the exact calculation for that one so even support can’t provide you that data.

From my guess is that after calculating the kill/death ratio, it has a cap on how many it will go for like 500/1000 kill/death and up to 5x only which results in 2500 kill / 5000 death.

The wider the gap between attack and defense, the higher the cap the ratio would go to, but cannot exceed 7,500 troops

Do either of you have the primarch boost active in any of these battles (atlas seasonal line)

There are a few cases where I see odd things but I have not seen it consistently capped like this. My guess is that a buff to kill ratio exists that was factored in after the 7.5k max was determined. (Like primarch buff or castle buff or primarch debuff)

Just a wild guess, but my first thought is one of you may have the seasonal primarch buff active and it’s causing the discrepancy. If so, it’s probably a bug.

I think this is a really old rule that @PGDave might be able to elaborate on, but Stone Tier Primarch (which is basically just the Fighter) is capped at 5,000 Troops that it can kill. Each Tier up raises the kill cap, with Bronze now being capped at 7,500.


But it seemed to work the opposite of that. When I attacked him with my fighter which has roughly twice the attack as his seigers defense I was capped at only killing 5K of his. But when he attacked my rusher with his seiger (roughly 1 to 1 ratio) he was able to get above the 5K barrier I’ve always had.

I’m not sure if he does but I know I don’t. But even if he does I’ve never attacked someone and been able to kill more than 5K of their troops. The other week I attacked someone who had 25k troops and I hit him 5 times in a row killing only 5K troops each time.

We have a winner!
Thanks for the explanation, I knew I must be missing something.

Wow. Learned two things.

Didn’t know the tier below bronze was called stone, and I didn’t know the caps were tiered.

Thanks EggToken!

That’s what i meant i just wrote Destroyer instead of Fighter haha…


Today I Learn

I was wondering what you were smoking. Poor little fighter was benched at soon as it hit 5 for me

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