Troops suddenly vanished from islands

@PGDave @PGEcho
We have a new bug
This afternoon I checked, I had a total of 40k+ troops spread among our Garrisons
I checked now and lost 30k+. only have 10k now.
WTF is going on here?

— EDIT from PGDave: Please see the resolution post below (#18).

Same issue here. Entire garrisons missing from islands. I am down about 20k troops

Several on our team are missing troops also.

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Every garrisoned troop on two of our islands has vanished.
several of our players have submitted a ticket.

I don’t know how many we lost yet but I checked 2 islands, 1 went from 300k down to 50k. And one from 80k to 0. Wtf @PGDave what is going on here

Same with our team.

Some of our teammates have lost everything except what was on their primarchs. Combine that with the non revivable troops for this PVP event. Not a good mix PG. @PGDave @pgEcho @PGJared some response would be appreciated and soon.

Yup i just checked and even im down from 31-32k to 19k troops for no reason or fault of mine @PGDave @pgEcho @PGJared
Whats happening guys?

We need response asap this mess. This is unbelievable. Did you have an intern playing with the Nuke option again?

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The world is going down for emergency maintenance. The troops will be back where the belong shortly.

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I feel like you did this :thinking:


I just assumed the KingPins conscripted our troops. Every troop we killed was taken from a random person. :joy:

lol, they are Kingpins so it might not be beyond … but in this case it was something else. Luckily correctable, it will just take a little time. I expect we’ll be back up in an hour or two unless I’m being too optimistic.

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Would like to hear from pg once this issue is fine thank u

Will do @Niche

Yup, troops missing too… glad it’s not just yet another glitch on my game to add to my long list.

I wish I had this ability… Then, I’ll check, @Panda -> “Nuke” -> Poof. back to level 1 :japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::smiling_imp:

Atlas is back up and running. There were a few small pockets of troops which could not be brought back to life immediately; this only affects players who collected troops into a non-neutral zone garrison today, left them there and there was a portal nearby. Those troops will be restored too, but it will take a little longer (but should be complete within the next 24 hours, hopefully sooner).

The team and I apologize for the inconvenience. We’re taking steps to avoid a reoccurrence in the future. Thanks for your patience during this emergency maintenance.

The Troops are back. Thank you @PGDave However:
Troops restored to the garrisons are not listed on the My Assets tab, or counted under the Troops column on the Contributions tab.

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Thanks, this seems to be related to a bug from before the vanishing too – some troops were already missing from those pages. Our team is actively looking into it.

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