Trouble accessing atlas PG please explain

Not the last update but the one before the last update I’ve not been to access atlas like I said before I installed been on wifi used my data everytime I downloaded the 515 files once I get 514 I would get this message every time

Anyone knows why this is happening

I need to keep 4 Gigs free on my device or I get issues, line is a big hoarder of memory, other than that I don’t know, sorry…

I am suffering from the same issue and it sounds like a good number of players are. I’ve had the issue of my game crashing ever since the Android specific update around the 13th of January. It’s only for Atlas it seems and I wrote a thread too in hopes PG will see it and get a fix out soon.

I know mine personally isn’t a space issue. I have 6 gigs free at the moment, which was one thing support had asked me about. I wish I could offer more help but I am in the same boat and hopeful that it will be resolved swiftly

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@Arelyna can you look into this

You are on IOS, right?

Here is what always happens

As I said elsewhere in Forums I had this same trouble with data bits stuck in the pipeline… first do all the suggested fixes down to deleting and reinstalling clean making sure you have cleared catch and at least 4G free space… but keep with Support and try to be able to catch the same Support Team on your same ticket… in other words don’t just submit a ticket and wait a few days to see if anything happens… they were able to actively see what was happening and nudge that one last little bit of data thru that opened up the gates of Atlas… this same sort of thing can happen anywhere in electronic data transfer… used to happen in emails all the time until a number of tweaks to MIME resolved paradigm… Support IS there to help … work with them give them the chance to help and guess what… they will! Hope this helps… good luck … stay chill…

I’m on Android as well.

For a reason, no matter how good my mobile network is, I used wifi network to do initial download.

Also, in some case, running memory booster (native app) helps loading.

I have 1.99gigs of free space so what’s the problem there I haven’t submitted a ticket because they will tell me to do what I already know

We will see with this upcoming update on atlas

Minimum is 2gb. You might need to free more space first. Like at least 3-4gb.

:thinking: might be that that’s the issue? 2 GB free space is not a lot.

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Is that good now

I wish it would let me put it on my SD card 64 gigs

Is it not a sign. To choose which one to let go.
WD or that excess that wont let you access Atlas :smiling_imp:

:thinking: What does memory have anything to do with storage?

As mentioned, Line takes up a ton of data over time.

Go into Line and delete chat data, pictures, and videos. It doesn’t let you delete that stuff through your general device settings.

You have 4 Gigs! Hax!


I was thinking the same thing :joy: