Trouble accessing atlas

I have some team mates that still can not access Atlas since the update They have sent numerous tickets in but not getting anywhere. Anyone else having this issue?

We are aware of the problem unfortunately, but it shouldn’t permanently block them. Keep trying to get in, especially give the game a moment to sit before trying again.

Thank you!

A fix for this should be coming with v4.40 in a few weeks. We would have liked to get it in sooner, but timing did not work out :frowning:

Would this be related to not been able to open atlas events where it gets stuck on a black screen?

I have had a similar failure to set up atlas error also. Atlas crashed during the initial tutorial and since then I have not been able to invite teammates to my attacks. I’ve been told these two things may be linked. Is that correct? It appears I’ll have to wait for the next update to fix the atlas issue, but can I get my invite button back somehow? :slight_smile:

@PGEggToken I am having this same issue however I am also not able to submit a ticket through the game as it keeps saying an error occurred while attempting to create my ticket. Is there another way I can get help to resolve the issue regarding the “invite” button when attacking a base? Thanks!

If the in-game ticketing system isn’t working for you, please “submit a request” ticket through in the upper-right. If it’s tutorial-related, it might be something specific to your game that we may need to look into.

To solve this problem, which by the way, sometimes goes away, sometimes never, I had to reinstall the game 4 times already in less than 2 days.
I opened a ticket with the support, but the standard answer - we have found out about the problem, but don’t know what’s causing it - it’s less than satisfactory. So, I decided to try reinstalling and lo and behold, I could join Atlas.
I thought it was only Windows who worked on the principle - never panick before reboot. Well, it looks like this game works in something similar - never panic before reinstall !

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