Trouble moving to and from castles

Not sure if it’s because of this new delay thing, but every time now when I move to a castle with a few people there is huge lag in trying to move there and sometimes can take my prim over 5 minutes of spamming move to the castle before it moves.

It’s insane and means that if you do go for a guard hit by the time you can actually move to the castle the owner has plenty of time to bring in a prim
To block you, when you should have done 2-3 guard runs in the time it takes you to move to the castle.

My suggestion is if this delay is is causing it which it probably is, then remove the delay or in any case fix the problem


Can’t even move from my castle or to my castle when it’s under attack


They need to fix atlas before they decide to make changes that don’t help,/add double events. I’ve encountered this issue several times already.


They need to fix known issues like power ranking being way outdated, and other glitches rather then try and make things look more prettier, ie castle management tab, and the atlas quests tab just recently, like who even really ever looks at that but to claim the weekly 7 prizes


Let’s just try a map with a viable long term design let’s start with that what do you say? :crazy_face:

We wouldn’t have all these glitches because we wouldn’t need all this unnecessary complexity within our attacking and defense mechanics to begin with……

There is another way ……
And guess what it doesn’t set out to eliminate teams and players like this laughable short term map!

Too honest? Lol

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Or may be close the concept of passage. Let it be fight of TA instead of 30 team on a castle through castle (and neighbours castle) passage
Current passage mechanism allows so many team to assemble at single castle which obviously game code is unable to handle causing lot of lag.


This lag bullshit might be the one thing that makes me quit the game for good.


The lag is infuriating. I can’t go help defend my own castle. I sent a ticket in to PG and they acted like they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Obviously I’m not the only one who has this problem.


Obviously not because lag is universal and this is when I ask myself why……

Yes why do I have this problem?
And that’s an easy one ……

Take a look at our map what do you see ?
Yep a visually massive map that takes a few solid swipes to cross it even zoomed out!

While visually massive to allow viewing space for us all it is physically tiny!

I mean it’s absolutely minuscule in size and takes a prime less than 7 min to cross from one side to the other and since we have diamonds to haste it’s less than 20 seconds across! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ummm ……yeah sorry there’s the source of your lag right there! :point_left:

You do realize we have 30 thousand accounts jammed into a map smaller than a chess board right! :rage:

Ummm do you guys really realize what that means!?

Yes lag is product of expansion of the map to make it “appear” bigger when reality is we’re all jammed into a tiny space less than 20 seconds across it….!

Good grief and we wonder why lag is bad when we try to all move somewhere to fight! Lmao
Stop for a second and really look at the actual size of this tiny map!

This map is visually/physically lagging our game into unplayability because we have no positional mechanics and the map should take days to cross not seconds!

Lag is the product of poor map design!
And is almost yes ALMOST COMPLETELY produced by this maps failure to support a large number of players due to its size!

Yes I said almost because there’s always some lag to control but this lag was produced by poor mechanics!

And when you increase movement and attacking on this tiny map it makes lag so lowered blockades means more lag :man_shrugging:

You can’t encourage attacking on a defensive map without producing elimination tactics mega alliances and piracy or yep LAG!!! Lol

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No you’re not the only one!
The lag is horrible. We can’t move in for defense during a bigger attack, we can’t move off, even setting new home wasn’t possible.
I lost a bunch of troops, we bubbled after several trials to enable the shield and all Support is telling is I should reset Wi-Fi and the rest of this nonsense. It’s pretty hard to stay friendly with such an answer!
@PGTimber do something please! Atlas is a mess!


The game is 90% of time near to unplayable now. Its just no fun anymore.


Yes I have been seeing this as well. Not even sure lag since when I try I can move to castles next door so still in the same area. Just seems to be affecting the castle where fighting is happening


The fix for this will go out soon. I spent all day yesterday finding the root cause and identifying ways to fix this. I’m hoping to deploy the fix in the first half of this week.


Thank you, that gives us hope.


:crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It does give hope, but I assume the shorter delay code is the main cause, just funny how this new thing is implemented the same time that atlas movement glitches magically become massively worse


Thank you Matt!

That really sounds good :hugs: and great someone understands that it’s not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or the pressure in my cars tyres :joy:


It seemed to me things escalated with the android patch but I could be wrong.

I’m not a coder, but I believe with delays before there was one function linked to every prim when they move to a castle, now there is atleast two or three, one the 30 second delay, two if you attack the add on to the delay, three the check to increase every 5ta prim on castle delay, then you add in another prim who enters castle after all that happens gets the 30 second delay then attacks sets off the increase delay for the 5ta that have entered castle after the first one, then another prims enters castle after this one is set off? Continue on and on, when you move like 20-50 people on to a castle, that imo is what is overloading the server and basically it’s defence is to stop everyone being able to move to the castle or even close to it. Again I’m not a coder but logically the new delay has a lot more functions and checks connected to it then the original one


Over Complexity seems to be escalating lag…… hmmmm not surprised :man_shrugging:

Sadly the more they try to balance this mess the worse it will get! :+1:

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