Trouble with team chat :(

Hey War dragons! I am here and I know there is trouble with chat. But I am officer and I don’t want to lose my rank since I am one of the few people in my team of course that are having trouble or that I know are having trouble. I appreciate you taking your time and your game is great :slight_smile: hope it gets fixed soon

You don’t have your team chat? Is that the problem?

Leave your team and then rejoin as of now that is the only fix. @xGabyxG
If you are worried about losing your rank? You can be promoted right back up to officer.


Coordinate with another officer or the leader who is online and have them promote you right away. You could also do what I did and promote a trusted teammate that’s online and have them invite and promote you when you get back in.

As the leader of my team, I promoted and made a regular member leader and then left and rejoined and got it all back. Just has to be someone you trust.

If no other officer make a mini and promote that :laughing: and leave n repromote urself


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