Troublemakers Unite!

Troublemakers of the world, what is the stupidest reason you’ve ever gotten in trouble?

In middle school I got a lunch detention for forgetting to put my name on my paper, and in high school I got two days of after school detention for going to the band room to practice like the band nerd I was.


I have no recollection of this and vote this comment to be invalid.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I like how looks this emoji at forum :rofl:

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In 4th grade this other kid kept poking me with a pencil in class and in the hall. I jumped out of his way and said “HA” and some random teacher gave me detention because she thought I was laughing at another kid that had just gotten in trouble for something and she refused to listen to me.

In 6th grade I got written up because I was late to class after lunch… a friend and I were running outside and we collided into each other, I went sliding across the concrete and had blood all over my knees and arms. I’d gone to the office to get some bandaids (the nurse only worked like 3 days a week and wasn’t there). The band-aids didn’t even work so I came back to class with my arms and legs covered in blood and my teacher told me I needed a note which the officer never gave me and then she told me to sit down… covered in blood with blood running into my socks.
The bitching out my mother gave that woman and the office receptionist when she picked me up after school and found out became legendary. You could hear her from the other end of the building cussing them out.


I was sent to the Vice Principals office and then given detention for a week, for writing a truthful and accurate report on George Washington. Needless to say, it was not around the things most read of in their history books. I even sourced my work from the Library at UCI (University of California Irvine) goooo aardvarks… or don’t, sportsball not exactly that particular institutions stroung suit.


I got chewed out by the 6th grade teacher for breaking my ankle during gym class. This teacher who had first aid training and everything didn’t believe I had broken it so I got quite the “talking to” while she helped me hop to the office.


My freshmen year of CC my history professor stood outside of our classroom screaming at me during finals. We had a paper we’d done and she’d given me a pretty bad grade for not citing myself as a source. I’d shown it to my sister (Grad student in Library sciences) and she had made corrections to my professor’s corrections. When my professor saw it and I told her they were my sister’s notes she blew up. Instead of meeting me in her office she just started screaming at me in the middle of the hallway, demanding to know who my sister was to write on my paper and question the notes my prof had made. She even threatened to fail me for the disrespect I’d shown her

My sister ended up going to her office and did the exact same thing back to her. I dont know what she said but my grade on the paper went from a C- to an B+ :rofl:


When I was 6 years old at school some big kids ran past me and accidentally pushed me onto a picket fence. I got impaled onto the fence and needed an ambulance to cut me off and get sewn up at hospital.

A couple of weeks later when back at school I got called up to the principals office and copped about 20 minutes of ranting and raving for damaging the fence as the school didnt have money to fix it. He said I should be grateful for not getting expelled.

He took his belt off and striked my ass about 20x as punishment.

I remember on one hit the belt buckle hitting my wound and it hurting like hell.

When I got home I had blood down my side and down my leg and my parents were like why are you bleeding told them the story and they seemed to side with the school saying I should be more careful where I was walking.

No one believed me that I was pushed onto the fence.

Still got the scar to this day!


I’d like to say “unbelievable”, but nowadays there’s not so much I find unbelievable.

Sounds like Matilda had a kernel of truth to it.


This one time … in band camp …

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In my day it was legal for teachers to hit kids - completely illegal these days!

Showing my age now haha.

The issue was that the principal didn’t believe my story and said I was vandalising school property by being careless . He seemed to think I made the story up about bigger kids to get out of trouble and made sure to increase the punishment for the “lie” he thought I told.

When my parents also didn’t believe me I remember going to sleep that night and hoping that I wouldn’t wake up.

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Had one guy take a swing at me in in high school, so I leg sweeped him, broke the chair on his way down. Teacher wasn’t in class but another student said I broke the chair I got in trouble later for destruction of school property.


I got up to sharpen a pencil during a test and i was given detention for causing “a distraction”.


I was at lunch in 5th grade, sitting alongside my friends; laughing, chortling, living it up. I was laughing so hard with my friends that snot was running out of my nose, I was in tears, and I could hardly breathe. This laughing lasted from the beginning of lunch to the end of the school day, which was approximately 3 or 4 hours if I recall correctly. One of our lunch ladies eventually got tired of my excessive chuckling and decided to place me along the wall. Needless to say, my attitude plummeted from giddy to irate extremely quick; being the generally well-behaved student I was, I emerged from my seat, stormed over to the trashcan, slammed my unfinished tray down amongst the others, stomped over to the wall, and forcefully sat down with my head down over my knees. I even had a little attitude when the lady tried to tell me off about how I was acting, but she had that coming when she tried to pick on the main student who was having a good time at lunch; the principal was shocked when I was sent to her office because I’d never misbehaved. Since then, I think I’ve had only one or two laughs as good and hearty as that one.


7th grade I got a detention because it was that time of the month for me. :woman_shrugging:

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I got lunch detention in middle school for going to the school store. We had hall passes to go to the bathroom or school store during lunch. People would always trade off the passes in the hallway. Aka if you took the bathroom pass and passed someone in he hall coming out of the school store, you would swap with that person so they would go to thw bathroom then go back to lunch. And you could go to the school store. Well I returned to lunch with the wrong pass, got my ass chewed out for it, and had to have lunch dentention for the rest of the week.


You don’t remember it because I forgot to do it, obviously. Thus the detention.


Oh one time in elementary school I got in trouble from the teacher for getting excited about a project. We had to research diseases and I really wanted to research rabies but so did another kid, and two people couldn’t do the same thing. So she drew our names out of a hat and my name was drawn and I was like “yes!” And the teacher was like “excuse me you’re incredibly rude you need to apologize right now.” So I apologized to the other kid who was just sitting there like “waaaat.” Taught me to never get publicly excited about schoolwork. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Damn! I would of loved to do a presentation on rabies. Hell a project on an disease would of tickled my fancy