True or not? Lol am I the only one who feels this way

Anyone else feel pg should add seasons where it’s easier to get a mythic. I can’t tell you how unbelievably boring it is to try so hard every single season and end up with like 15 keys.


How about a resurrect Mythic branch ? Where you can trade off so and so keys for so and so old mythics. Possibly have too use sigils on these branches though cause you always have too learn the hard way like with F2P Mythics.

But it’s most likely going too be a Big fat no for this idea and that idea.

No. It should be hard to obtain a mythic. Despite this, it is not hard at all. You just need to have the resources to get it, play smartly, and spend time playing the game. Do all of that and you will get your mythic.


This is a very bad idea to be honest. Players have to work hard to obtain those mythics. It would be unfair if players who had not put in the same effort as them were able to get a mythic just by trading in keys. Mythics have to be worked for.


That actually sounds like a good idea imo.

True though some people just don’t have the time and when they do they try there best and fall short

Maybe they add a different way that’s easier or harder to attain a mythic idk :man_shrugging:

Lol :joy:

I mean, I think it’s good the way it is. All you essentially have to do is have the resources prepared, do good in events, and know when and how to spend those resources. Take advantage of certain branches, such as tower branches, random boosted dragon or rider branches, etc. There isn’t much to it except how you play. Develop a play style that works best for you.

I think getting a mythic is all about how much effort you put into it. The harder your grind, the higher the possibility. It’s all comes down to how you strategize and how much you want more. Plan ahead of time and take advantage of branches.

I agree with Jalen, if mythics were easier to obtain, everyone would have them and it would throw off the balance. People should work hard towards them, as they are a reward.


Just an idea, what about making the key branch for the people who didn’t get any mythic dragon last season even better, ie. making 6 gold chests for 1 key to 15 for them @PGGalileo


I hate to say it, but if you are not getting a mythic every season, you are not working hard enough, or in the right ways. Plenty of ETP and even FTP players get a mythic every season. You may want to join a team that can teach you how to go about doing this if you are putting in a decent effort and not getting the result you want.


No because they should require work to get and shouldnt be participation trophies that are given to you for just showing up.
I dont think the costs of mythics should keep going up and I think the number of keys needed needs to be fixed but they’re already easy enough to get if you’re active. Casual players down in gold or P4 dont really need mythics, legendaries work just find for them.

So much no to this. They dont need to ever bring old mythics back (except Gig). All this resurrection junk does it cheapen the work people put into getting mythics back then. The vast majority of dragons wouldnt even do well in the current meta even at max tier so it would just be a waste and an insult to people to busted their asses getting them the first time.


We got that. It was Lockjaw’s/H2’s season with 3 discount lines. Pretty much everyone and their bloody brother got a mythic that season and it 100% threw balance out the window.


Also with Huitzil when they did that dumb half unlock him to Platinum for claiming 1 dragon

I really don’t want to see mythics get even easier to get. It doesn’t take long to get to the point where you can effortlessly get one mythic every season. Sure it takes a bit of time to get to a reasonable level but as long as you spend your resources well you are golden

As for resurrection branches. I HATE them. This stuff was advertised as one time only. Rework old dragons (and make them better) and rerelease them sure. It’s the same dragon in spirit but it is fair to those that got them. That’s fine. Advertise future dragons as potentially returning and bring those specifically back. That works. But let’s not break more promises.


Imo the only issue i see is that I hoped it would get easier as I level up to get a mythic. After all I consider it to be a reward for all the time I spend in this game. But thanks they keep increasing cost every season and even though leveling up means higher points for me it doesn’t translate into getting mythic easier.

Idk if it’s fair. I just feel discouraged

I guess this depends where and how much you play. If you’re an end game player and you play in d1 - d2 - s1 it’s quite easy: 1200 sigils each time, 400 sigils missions, 685 min from event position and obviously your personal score. But if you play in a lower league, your team doesn’t reach each time 1600 sigils nd you’re not an endgame player the music is quite different… :wink:


I personally do not think everyone should be able to get a mythic every single season.
End game players need to. And this is not an elitist attitude but more one from necessity. If an end game player can not get a mythic every season they will end up not being able to kill bases. Especially as mythics only last 2 months.

Whereas lower level players could get a mythic every 3 seasons just fine. As the mythics last a long long time.

@PhoenixHunter try and save as much as you can for 2 seasons. Then smash out those gold chests with your rubies on the 3rd. Thats how i got my first mythic when i was little. And due to the amount of resources you get, that means you’re able to get a mythic, with hard work, every season thereafter.

Yes its a pain to save but its better to do that than be close every season and ultimately fail.


Trust me. As you get higher level it really does get much easier. I am not end game but I am decently high level. I do not spend outside of elite (normal not atlas. And even that I let drop occasionally). And I get a mythic every season without fail, usually with enough to half finish or fully finish another line.

It’s just a matter of maximising all discounts and being ready for them. Because you can get an entire line, sometimes two, entirely done during this phase. A good start is key. Because then you just get the entire season to get 1-1.5 lines plus one key.

Once you get the routine down it’s self sufficient. Open stuff at the right time and get the discounts and the season pays for itself, and the next season.

If you don’t mind me asking what level are you and what rank is your team? Are they gold, plat, sapphire etc

I personally do not think it should take 3 seasons to save for a mythic f2p or low level. And thankfully it currently doesn’t. Outside of a literal brand new player I don’t think anyone would need to save for more than one entire season.


I’d rather them just increase the rss in the legendary lines so our game economy isn’t as trash as it currently is