Trying to work out how long I’ve been playing this game

Granted I’ve wandered in and out of the game but looking at the first question in the survey PG put out has me completely stumped. So I’m braving the forums to see if anyone can help me work out just how long I’ve been playing War Dragons.

As a point of reference I have Kinnaraku the first divine Kinnara clone in blue tier. So can anyone out there help me? Or perhaps commiserate with me?

You can check in the appstore when you downloaded the game. I guess it works for android too


Lol does it tell you every time? Like one way pg will tell you to fix any problem you have with the game is to uninstall and redownload lol

Is this your main or alt? Cause if you have the paid version of WDscripts or know someone that does. You or that person can look up your team, start date then scroll till you find your account.

Heres pics to help and what it should look like using my start date :slight_smile:

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As far as I can tell, it shows the date of the initial download when you first got the game

Ask the original owner when they downloaded the game.


Rofl, man lol

Though I can’t remember when I started playing if I tried hard enough I could probably work it out but this aren’t a brought account rofl

Definitely a bought account. It’s not that hard to work out when you started if you have kinnaraku.

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Lol that’s way before my time that dragon rofl, the dude should know like 7-8 years then or whenever the game was released?

Yeah cos if you started way back then, and you managed to get kinnaraku (which was an event dragon you needed to spend money on to open gold chests) you definitely weren’t a casual player. So you’d remember. Might not get exact date but you’d remember the year for sure.

Also the game isn’t 8 years old. Yet. Just under 7? I think!

Says june 14,2016 on app store.
Do wd have anniversary event?

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I started my current account on July 10th last year, I think. My one year anniversary is coming up soon.

I started a different account on July 4th. My base was a mess after the first week. I hadn’t done any research into how to build a strong base. I decided it would be easier to abandon the old account and start a new one instead of trying to fix my early mistakes.


April 2015 is what PG consider the original release date

But there are accounts around which are older than this.

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Thats a good choice.
So do actually have any celebrations?
Other games have massive giveaways during anniversary.
I mean MASSIVE.hahahahaha

LOL I was the 3rd person world over to download War Dragons when first released. I’d just purchased my first iPad Mini and W D was the only thing on the horizon to incorporate all the new features I wished to try out. S o I waited all night and got it as soon as popped up. Original Devs were there waiting to see who’d be interested in it and so asked if could interview me. After 20 minutes wound down they exclaimed another 300 had downloaded it then asked if I would help turn their Demo into an actually playable game. As the 1st of what is now called GamePlay Faction long before were any factions even I can’t say when that was. My iPad Mini sits in a box waiting repairs I get so frustrated playing that things tend to hit walls at greater velocity than can be sustained oh well. Tho tried getting back in GPF since coming back to the game after time off for cooling my nets I’ve applied but nobody seems to be manning that office much as of late. Just another ghost in the either I suppose.

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That’s because they were on the Bitpig game.

Not for you! Aren’t you one of the few who actually gets paid to play? [so how much do you charge to sit next to you at the victor’s table? …for a selfie with you? …selfies without you? …lap dance at the Victory Ball? …if it’s a masked affair, aren’t they all these days, I might take you up on it disguised as Odin!]

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