Tug of war can not attack?

I moved out of my main guild to help a friends guild, ever since I moved I can not participate in attacking anyone. Everyone/guild is grey’d out?

Once you earn points on a team, you cannot earn points on another team.

Only 50 players may earn points on a team.


Thanks hun, that explains it all. Very appreciated.

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Does that mean if there only 49 players in a team before start of an event and I join as a 50th member after start of attack rounds , my points still count for the event in my present team?
And breakdown of cases for the above:

  1. If I already attacked once while I was in previous team in the event
  2. I did not attack at all during attack phase in my previous team
    What would happen in both the cases?

If you already earned points on a team, you are stuck and may only earn points on that team.

If you have not earned points on a team and you move to a team where all 50 players have not earned points, they may remove anyone and you may earn points on that team.


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