Tug of War Event Missing sigils


Why are there only two sigil rewards in the new tug of war event?

Show Sigils first - QoL change

Tap the +; other prizes sometimes bump sigils out of the main display and into the popup.

Sigils in event prize tiers (lack thereof)

They just aren’t showcased. Click the +6 or +8 or whatever to the right of the featured rewards, they are in there. I thought the same thing at first before clicking through them.


Can’t I just have one lol jeez!


You would think rubies and sigils would be the FIRST things shown…nope, Epic Rej Glyph :man_facepalming::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::man_shrugging:


As people said - just press the plus to expand and see all prizes


How many of those freakin things do they think we can use, even if we wanted to lol


Thank you guys, I see them now :slight_smile:


No soup for you!


@ModMat @Psarus solved and could it be moved to the events subforum?


You could move it…oh wait, that’s right :man_facepalming: Missing TL3 :cry:


Never forget, forever regret losing TL3


Moved to events, thanks.

Closing as solved.