Tug of War how does it work?

Can anyone please explain to me exactly how this challenge goes? It is explained what the goals are, but exactly what do we have to do to achieve this? Who do we fight against, ect. My head is spinning trying g to figure this one out.

  • You can attack every team in your league.
  • If you get more than 1k points than them, you steal their flag.
  • If they get more than 1k more than you, they steal your flag.
  • If neither team gets more than 1k points than the other, no one steals any flag.
  • Flags are counted at the end of the entire event and each team gains VP for flags held at the end.

To my rescue again RedDelilah. I didn’t know if it had to be the team that is listed next to us or not. If it was, we aren’t even close to being in a league with them. Point levels of 320, 203, no way. Thanks for the help again RedDelilah.

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Is there any priority over whose flag get stolen?

Could you be more specific in your question?

Supposed that team A wins over B by 1k points, while team B has A,D,and E’s flag (1 each), as well as B flags.
Team C also wins over B by 1k points.

Will Team A and Team C get random flag from B?

Assume that C’s rank is higher than A

Your question is making my brain hurt :see_no_evil:

But you do want to target teams that have a higher number of their own flags. If a team ends up with 0 of their own flags left, those flags are absolutely worthless for points.


This event works?

What exactly do we mean by work in this context? :smiley:

But if you’re asking how to score team points… What Red said.

The stronger the berry the sweeter the juice, I always say.

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And Cheeky has very strong berries. Or so I’ve been told.

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Let me see if I understand correctly you’re trying to figure out _which flag from the teams inventory will be stolen should you beat them in a round, correct? I cannot speak to the actual mechanics (as perhaps @PGCoffee may be able to), but as far as I think:

  • Teams will always steal their own flag back first. So if teams A and C beat B, they will first get their own flags back.
  • If the team beaten does not have any flags to give up that belong to the victor, I believe the highest value flag is then given away.

Thanks Red.
I wonder about the possibility of C stole A’s flag first before A has chance to steal their own flag.

Since all the rounds end at the same time, I don’t think this is a possibility.

What if (using names for teams) Red owns Grinch flag and nothing else, team Orca and Grinch both get 1k+ on team Red. Does each team get the flag or just Grinch?

I’m just being annoying, I hate this event almost as much as I hate the Pits

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Some stuff happens, then more stuff, then mega coin, then spend, then more stuff. End of story. Sorry, can we please get another pvp that’s not based on inner fire?


I have 0 idea.

I also hate this event.


Another case.
Suppose Grinch wins over Orca by 1k (stealing Orca’s flag), and Red wins over Grinch by 1k (in the same round).
Is it possible that the said Orca’s flag is obtained by Red?

Thank goodness it’s at end of season - I can sit it out and chill - do a couple runs here and there… :rofl:

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Personally I’d like to see this event retired forever :laughing: I enjoy the fight pits a lot more than this one :sweat_smile: But fight pits is hardly my favorite PVP event.

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For me it’s a coin fest either way so at least with ctf there is more than a select few teams that can be hit. They both suck