Tuktu game play what are your thoughts


I like that dragon no I love it how do you feel seeing him in action


Invader != action :man_shrugging:t3:


I wish people will stop posting stupid invader videos. Completely irrelevant and gives zero good information whatsoever. It’s just the poster shouting “look at me I got a shiny new toy!”


No it’s the OP shouting “hey i saw a video of this dude i follow and he got a shiny new toy”


Yeah that too… not the first time…


Nobody saw the comment the follow up attacker said it said “DON’T DIE” I’m surprised he lived at lvl 1


Lol. So has every single legendary/mythic lineage hunter I’ve ever levelled.

Are you sure you’re not just overlevelled?


It’s got the same HP and attack at Level 1 as a mid-harb mythic like Pathox - what did you expect would happen?


Well, he died on my crappy base, so… :woman_shrugging:


He is probably the better of the two new hunters but nothing that excites me. Hoping the mythics will be better. Actually the tier as a whole is disappointing; just my opinion.


There’s a leak list going around & the mythic’s spells are how can I say this in a good way :sweat_smile:… mmmm garbage?:man_facepalming:


Don’t care! I’m like 60 levels away from him, so that’s like 3 years away.


Nice :sunglasses:


Then how about you post a video attacking a real base then


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