Tunes and glyphs

Why do some runes and glyphs not show up when you are trying to equip? I have a common and a rare cloak glyph.when I try to add the rare cloak glyph to necryx in an open glyph spot it doesn’t show up. The common one does. But not the rare. I know I have it because I can see it when I browse and it is not equipped on another dragon. The common warrior attack glyph also does not show up when I try to fill an open glyph spot on Leo .

Do you have another Rare Cloak glyph on Necryx?


It used to be that you could not see all runes and glyphs because you were over the amount visible - I’d have to destroy a bunch to be able to use others.

Tunes and glyphs :musical_note:


One dragon cannot have 2 runes with the exact same effect, not including level

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probably because the same type of glyph (cloak) is already equipped and the game know these wont stack if you do.

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I just double checked and there is no cloak rune or glyph on necryx. And why would the common cloak be visible but not the rare?
Thanks for all your replies.

You cannot have two Rare cloak glyphs on the same dragon. You can have one rare and one common cloak glyph on the same dragon.

Could you show us what you see when you’re trying? (Screenshots).

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I figured it out. Basic screw up on my part. The rare cloak is a rune and the common cloak is a glyph. Thanks again everyone

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