Turkler1071 warring XpfarmslooseX1 Feb 18 2018

Let’s teach them a lesson not to mess with our xpfarms


did you mean 1071?

Corrected thanks!


Such an unforgivable act…

Nothing unites the WD community like a team picking on xpfamsloose


Turkler :imp:

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Why turkler just why? All teams that attack xp teams are farmed. They should know better …


Which officer war call The war :expressionless: i’ll swing by and say hi

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I’m going to get backlash for this but here goes…

Come on… really? Their first language is Turkish. It’s not unreasonable to think that they can’t read/understand everything in Loose’s team description. I’m assuming this is the first time they’ve done it. Cut some slack. International team declaring war on an xp team for the first time. Does that reasonably justify 200 people farming the officers and team?

What benefit to Loose does farming the team do that an XPFLx1 officer couldn’t just by mailing the leader in Turkish? All it does is ruin the game for a Plat team that’s just trying to move up. I’m not aware of all of the details but from what I’ve gathered, there is no reason to. It’s not right.

War Dragons is a war game. If Loose wants to stay in Platinum, they must come to terms with the fact that there are going to be wars. People are going to play the game. Starting drama and riling people up to farm 50 people isn’t benefitting anyone.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but it disappoints me to see things like this. There is no reason to call the team out on the forums and encourage farming when the situation can be solved with the help of the handy in game mail function and Google Translate.


Not the first time and won’t be the last - this way they learn permanently.

Don’t see any Russian teams declaring on XP. Haven’t seen any Arabic teams do that recently either. Or Japanese, or Chinese, or Portuguese, or Spanish, or Italian. Only Turks.

I would find you the link to that huge argument on the old forum with the Russian team that declared on Loose months ago, but don’t feel the need to.

Point is, yes it’s happened.

Maybe the Turks should have copied & pasted in google translate… :man_shrugging:t2:

They were mailed - in Turkish. According to friends I know in that league. They continued to fight XPfarms AND defend against them. So it was clear they want to win.

That’s too bad - they were warned, they ignored, and now their entire league declared on them.

As you said, it’s a war game, so they brought war on themselves.

No need for pity - they’ll learn their lesson, fight back up and never ever war XPfarms again.


They are mailed according to the language they speak at the beginning of the week. Several attempts were made to speak to them.


How does this ruin the game for them?

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You don’t understand. XP Farm team cannot do war ‘fairly’ because they can’t defend and they can’t ask teammates for support. Do you know why? can you imagine getting hundreds of invites? and you have to sort through which one to defend quickly? And then trying to find attack invite to join? impossible!

She understands she just doesn’t care lmao

“They need to realize it’s a war game” :thinking::thinking::thinking:


not to sound ungrateful but being an xp-farmbase is a “choice” of playstyle in the game. of course its not nice to war such a team but you cant blame teams that do.
xp farms do get something for their sacrifice which is medals, its not as altruistic as most people think.
if nobody wars the xpfarmteam then after a while they will hit saphire and eventually diamond due to the +ranking points from event rewards.

its a war game, anything that isnt harassing and insulting pretty much is allowed.

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What is the average rank of XPFarmsLoosex1 in PvP?
I thought it usually gets average 0 rank points