Turn off the chest animation

So it was neat the first time, but is there a way to turn off the chest opening animation? If not, could there be?


I agree. Takes way too much time and chest seem to not be showing up as you can in them.

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Agree. Please turn it off or give us the option. @PGCrisis

tap it after you open 1

it’s skippable the moment the animation starts.

Afterwards, the only animation left is once you stop opening. Opening chest after the animation doesn’t have any delay so you can most likely open 100 chest in a few seconds (but not advisable since you might think that you got something, but didn’t actually get it)

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Id still bet its sending way more requests to the server than is worth for that crappy animation

Its pointless and looks like highschoolers made it in computer class


I am not a fan of it either… I know you can skip it, but it’s just sort of bothersome.


They brought this out last year and everyone hated it because the animation takes longer to open the chests… why is it back again?


Make it a clickable option in settings to disable and everyone is happier

It’s awesome imo.

The animation is just a distraction for you to accidentally tap on sigil chest image and lost 1k ruby. Be careful :joy:


Idc anymore but when it first updated, my game was so laggy it was unplayable. i couldnt ship resources, tag, nothing…could talk but only 1st line or 2 went through then i refreshed to realize this and i wasnt in the best mood. Also caused shipments being bounced to be wasted, i was within seconds of beating them when i was finally able to send

This game has way too many UI traps for it to be unintentional.


This is the best example of wrong allocations of manpower. There are other things that the UI designers should have tweak. Ohh well priorities.

The new design of the chests are good especially the cards. Although I admit I am very suspicious tapping any on the screen except for the free button. While the dragon animation is somewhat silly and unnecessary. Like others had said, just wanted to open the chest and get over it.

The designers should have made some visual upgrades of the Towers. Tower level 40 is the same as Tower level 60. There’s No distinction visually. They should Focus on this. :man_facepalming: Not on the armory because No one is complaining about the armory’s look.


I do know that they’re working on a huge UI overhaul right now. I don’t know if that extends to tower aesthetics, but they’re redesigning a lot of the menus and tabs.

I like it (sarcasm) lol :roll_eyes::rofl::rofl:

Can you link me to it. The info about the plans on the UI?


Spend time fixing what’s wrong like the atlas access instead (amongst other things!)

There’s this post guys

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It was discussed in a FB livestream:


Nope. No mention on the Towers. And also no mention about the Armory.