🔥 turrent / flake

Which is best to hv in short island along with 2 mages ( B and R) , ice turrent and dark flake => Fire turrent or Fire flake ?

Well a great setup can be Ice Tower and Blue behind, fire flak and dark flak to the sides and red mage to center.
However, Ice tower + cannon + dark flak can be a great setup too. Just because cannon can break any white shield/barrier.
Or Ice Flak + Ice Tower + Dark Flak. I don’t remember if the Ice Flak can disable casted spells.
During a war put a legendary sorcerer on the Perch. Without a war, warrior on Perch is a good choice. Sry bad englic XD

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Honestly a storm is better but you will at least get 50% reduction in damage taken for a second or 2 and to ask somethin like this u should first ask yourself, what do you want to happen at this point in the battle.

Fire turret and fire flak are two very valuable units, understand them by looking over their special abilities and both attack as well as hp stats. You will also need to pay attention to their range and rate of fire once in battle. Not to mention every spot on the base reacts different to one another, including tower specials.

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DF is the most damaging tower in game. I will pay attention to how can it be survived long enough so in return it can do some huge damage to dragon.

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well depend. I notice that the combo Ice + Fire / Dark Flaks kills the dragons really fast compared to the Storm + Ice + Dark Flak combo. Anyway, a good alternative can be : Storm Tower + Blue Mage in the two spots behind ( near the Monument ) , Red Mage in the middle(center) , Fire and Dark Flaks at the sides of the Red Mage.
Warrior OR Sorcerer on the Perch.
I think it is the most efficient.
If you decide to build this combo, you need to fill the whole middle-long island with Mage Towers.
I will upload a screenshot…


I got storms for days yo, days… lol

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I dont like the Fire Flak in that position, just because it takes several sec before starts to hit…Anyway, the question is which combo is better for the islet ( the Perch’s Island)…
I think the best combo can be : Storm Tower + Blue Mage in the two spots behind ( near the Monument ) / Red Mage in the middle + Fire Flak and Dark Flak to the sides.

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Y storm tower is better than ice turrent ? Ice turrent shields last long know
Plus is fire turrent > fire flake ?

storm tower gives invincibility shield, ice turret shield increases hp of tower. So storm tower can make towers around invincibile for the small duration in which they can get supershots activated while defended.
Even AI has priority of storm towers when undefended.
Sometimes Ice turret shield is not sufficient to keep the tower alive after volley of hunter shots. But storm protects for 2 seconds and towers get no damage during that period.
That being said, storm damage is pretty low so its supposed to be limited to protect most important towers.



The best Combo. FIre Flak is more powerful ( More HP, more atk, more speed atk )
If u are going to build this setup u MUST upgrade only these towers. Focus all your resources on these 5 towers.
@TheBeastxGreat Rememebr to build 6-7 mages towers on Middle-Long Island. Towers lv 10 are enough.

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Luffy, sometimes I noticed that the ice tower shield completely absorbs spells like Death Gaze
with the recent patch, the Ice Tower slows the regeneration of Hunter’s ammunition and the shield becomes stronger and stronger after lv35 / 36. I noticed a considerable surge after these levels

then that’s either a bug or there is storm beside that and storm supershot is activated and invisible due to ice turret shield.
Otherwise, its not possible.
Second case happened to me couple of times.
If its first case, its to be reported as bug or glitch.
I would love to see a video though so that it can be shown to PG if its a glitch.

Idk how many times the answer is needed but hey whatever works. And yes i know its the 5th spot away from dragon as it makes the turn but guess which tower gets double shielded :smiling_imp:

There are so many ways of building a layout. If i wanted i could take out fire turret, move ice up and add yet another storm, 3 total, problem with that is a ice turret resist

DF and Blue Mage
Red mage
Storm, Ice turret

Put above towers at front on any island in mentioned order and always activate supershot on these 5. Key point is towers level hitting max level as per your base level. For example a DF can achieve lvl 45 on base level 180.



Luffy he is correct, ive witnessed death gaze blocked by ice turrets shield before…full green all the way down to full gray, it killed tower almost completely, it was like all that was left was the shield lol

But then again u may be correct also and that it was simply a glitch. Just am sure that no storm was effecting the building when this happened, on several occassions using tengu.


Honestly do like fire flak though it hits hard af and fast af.

What’s a turrent

Errrh ok…? :thinking:


4th grade education :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: bring the pans

They are making plans…secrets

i was compared Fire Tower with Fire Flak, not Dark and Fire Flaks :slight_smile:
Anyway, coming back to the post, if he wants to build on the short island, I think this setup can be great.
ps. The Fire Flak can also be replaced by a Cannon