Turret UG costs to expensive

Anyone else think turret UG are ridiculously expensive?


I actually looked at cost of that today - seems out of balance that it will cost 700k+ ice shards to build a new ice turret. but it costs me like 450k+ Embers to build a new flak tower


Exactly, on one of my other accs I have ice turret at 102 or 103 or something and it costs 15k for the UG … u can complete a branch that gives ice shards and still not have enough to UG


Also I see other posts going back since 2019relating to same issue, can we do something about it and reevaluate the costs thanks

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Good for points in fort

Stupid expensive! No tower should be 30k shards to upgrade at max level with so few opportunities to get the required currency.

Reg trading post exchange isn’t enough to fill the gap for those of us who value a turret.



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PG roles explained

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I dont see pg caring to much abt the expensive cost of turret ug… its been a problem since 2019 and still nothing been done to fix it

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