Turrets as season prizes

What if one of the season dragons was replaced with a special turret or something for defending your base?

Like what?

Does this “special turret,” start at level 1 and give xp to the player? If so, it’s going to cause players who acquire this turret to build a long base…

That would be utter chaos


I was think it would be just like any other turret just that itd only be available from the event it’s special attack could be something like that of the ice flak

they are developing to help in defeding base, arent they? Rider, gear
You want a new kind of tower, you should do a specific suggestion

Why not just build an ice flak

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It wouldn’t be exactly like an ice flak or maybe not like the ice flak at all i just kinda want to get ideas as to a turret that would be cool or useful to have in game and the whole getting it from the season was just an idea to change things up a bit because in my opinion only getting dragons and riders gets old after a while i know that the dev team puts a lot of work into making those dragons but I still think itd be cool to have some change

I think there is something to an idea like this… maybe some type of modifier you can earn that say for example, adds a burn affect to an archer that does a DOT Dmg (on top of original dmg).

Just an example.


The purple mage! Blue with red colour gives purple to block all spells, only one per base, benefiting 1 space for firepower.
Though I would like this purple fellow, I wouldn’t want to be spending sigils on it


That would be interesting since it’s limited time. I think it will add variety to different bases. Maybe have multiple options in the tab, leading to different buffs. At the end of a line you claim the entire base rune or seasonal buff (like egg token bonus)

Few more examples:

  • Ice Turret supershot shield lessens the dragon damage by x%
  • After Archer hits the dragon, every x seconds, the archer deals additional damage (keeps stacking until destroyed)
  • ONLY first attack from an ice flak deals 2.5 times the damage of the regular attack.
  • Stun duration for dark flak and trebuchet increased by x seconds.
  • Cannon tower regular attacks will break shields and cannon supershot breaks shields + mystic winds, reverse projectiles and wind wall. Note: the supershot has a better range
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Or maybe like a tower that adapts to whatever dragon is being used but to make it balanced it would do high dmg but have low health

yes, something along those lines. Of course, it would have to be well designed to be good, but not stupid over powered.

So, that’s a big hurdle! :slight_smile:

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Or maybe something like the totems where it only works on a dragon of a certain type

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