Turrets, the new premium towers?

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I know the headline seems absurd, given how plentiful ice and fire shards were in the past…
However, with the introduction of new tower levels more and more are talking about their inability to level their turrets and a quick check on alamach easily confirms why.

From Level 69 onwards turrets do begin to cost significantly more the higher the tower level reaches, whereas the gold chest drop amount is less than one third compared to embers during fort.

The discreparency becomes the most evident at tower level 85. A flak upgrade costs 13.5k embers whereas the same level for a turret amounts to 40k shards. From another perspective speaking a level 85 flak upgrade requires about 114 gold chests, the turret upgrade would take 1063 gold chests if one were to open them for the resource needed.

Last but not least the view from 0-85 - 250,86k vs 180,48k.

Is it possible to have this dynamic at high levels questioned? Could something be done about it, along with the pearl availabilty issue in the very near furture? I as a level 390, D2 player for 3 and a half years have no issues raising two flaks to level 80 with my stock but will be dried out of shards with a single ice turret at level 77. Is this intended?



I was thinking the same when I saw that I needed 105k shards to upgrade one turret from 80 to 85 lol


Wow that’s good to know and very interesting since turrets are much cheaper at lower levels than flaks

But there are 5 turrets that use embers, 10 if you count totems vs just a single tower that requires fire shards. Though maybe the difference shouldn’t be as big? Maybe pg is trying to deal with the excess fire/ice shards some players have.

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I guess the difference is that with flaks, you can build 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 all to max level. AKA you can portion your special RSS in a way that you can keep up with it.

With ice/fire being so expensive for a single upgrade, it’s binary, either you have enough or you don’t. It’s not like “i can level 2 of my 3 flaks to max this event then do 1 next event”. It’s a 0 or it’s a 1, which is rather unforgiving, especially with drop rates and changing all ice/fire shards into embers for almost all of the seasonal lines except base boost.


OR, maybe just maybe, PG sets the cost based on a gut feel or more likely some previously used multiplier and calls it a day?

We know that they don’t play their own game, have no real QA or regression process, and use the players as beta testers or mills/farms would not have been released costing more than anyone can store.

The little movie that plays in my head on how they plan and execute sometimes.


what is that accurate amount? so they found a way to use the extra turret shards by increasing costs to level them :open_mouth:


It’s accurate, 30k + 35k + 40k, it’s a crazy curve. You can tap/mouseover the numbers to see the total shards for that level, at 60 the total cost is the same as one level at the end.


Never payed attention to the turrets :flushed: had no idea such crazy things were going.
I stopped upgrading mine about a year ago… opened thousands of gold chests since then and after seeing this checked how many shards I have, thinking I might be having a ton from not using them… :joy: HA! 30-32k of each ice and fire. They will never see the capped end for sure

I’ve maintained exactly 1 fire turret because of the lack of embers. Now it looks like I can’t max flaks or turrets. GG PG. Nobody wants to play an impossible game. Fix it!


Damn it to get my 2 flaks from 77-80 costs 21 k shards both but from 80-85 costs 75 k shards for both . so now I have to grind other 44 k shards I miss till they bring some other levels for towers and I get stuck again :frowning:

Many here said they were worthless as you had excessive amounts of them, but now that they make it so they are used you complain?

I’ve worked hard to build my base, spent mildly each month over elites (around 1 pack) and reading this makes me feel done. I don’t want to play on a Diamond team, but with the amount of time and effort I put in I don’t feel it unreasonable to expect to keep up my base sufficiently enough to play at Sapphire level.


Loving the site, BTW - some really nice intuitive features, like the # of hut eggs required for tower levels, etc!


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This is very out there but flak series are over, if PG is making a new tower, id say is very likely they would use the ice/fire shards rather than adding a new currency to the game. However they know some players have a massive excess of these, so again, they could be trying to bring those shards down so people would have to spend on the new towers.

Very out there but worth mentioning xd.

I wish when we told PG we weren’t getting enough of one resource they would just increase the amount of items where there is a deficit instead of replacing some other resource with more of the one we wanted more of. All that does is shift the deficit to a different resource, and it’s an extremely superficial fix.


You mean like this:

Turn the volume down.

Only none of the rewards. Just a shell game with RSS that get smaller overall.
No treats for you!


Guess that’s why I ran out of ice shards - only one ice turret too. Certainly wasn’t expecting that

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Shit, I’m going to be in trouble. My ice turret is only lvl 69 and I’m down to 50.3k ice shards.


I have 4x84 flaks, and working on maxing 2 fire turrets…

i still have a bazillion fire shards… well 271,000… and i don’t plan on building a third one.

would stil prefer to have more elemental embers than fire/ice