Tutorial "Capybara"


I went through the tutorial recently, and for one of the things it said to search “Capybara”, nothing came up, and eventually discobot started wondering if I forgot about him. I tried multiple times to trigger the next step with him but to no avail. I eventually said “skip”, and it said I was done. I have no clue if I was done or if I just skipped the rest of the tutorial, but I did get the badge. But is “Capybara” just stuck for me and/or how does it work? Because this is my first time ever really using the forums.


Had to search inside the message. It had a hidden answer


I’m still trying to figure out how to access the tutorial :see_no_evil: I cant find it


Go to discobots greeting message in your inbox and do what he tells you :+1:


Hmmmm…nothing is still popping up for me. I even hit the “search this button”. Strange…


I get it fine


No that’s my post that I made you which contains the trigger word. When I originally did it nothing popped up.


My search found it even after I finished the tutorial. I don’t know what else to tell you.


Ok, thank you for your time.


Don’t copy and paste you have to type it in the field




Herb :slight_smile:


The reason you can’t find it is the autocapitalization of Capybara, to find the message type the lower case c and click ‘search this topic’ button. The instructions do say “capybara”, so technically the tutorial isn’t broken.


Thanks for trying, I did as you instructed and it still didn’t work. Perhaps it timed out.

If anyone has a screenshot of it it would be deeply appreciated if you could send it to me.


I tried again this morning and the capybara had gone to find herbs to smoke, nowhere to be found :joy:
At least we got the badge :+1:


It just gave a picture of a plant. :joy::joy::joy: @NS4ever did you know or was that a randomly coincidental joke?


Thank you! It’s strange that it was a plant though. :joy:


It was actually the giant rodent chewing the plant :laughing:


Oh yeah, didn’t remember that. I just looked back and saw a random leaf. :joy::joy:


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