Tutorial, new user


Since quite a number of new players asking for new game tutorial, could anyone be so kind to post tutorial mode guide?

Therefore, the post can be quoted everytime a new user ask…
Strict to tutorial mode please…


Would be great if you started with one and people keep adding :thinking:


Like the errr… tutorial video? :t_rex:


Perhaps the ability to re-play the tutorial from the settings?


When in doubt, see wdgeeks.


Mark as solution and let’s move on.


I mean some new players get locked up somehow in tutorial mode, since the guidance isn’t clear enough
As for now, what I get is

  1. Attack mentioned Bases
  2. Breed Frigg
  3. Build Farm
  4. Continue to attack mentioned base
  5. Do breeder mission (vs BlackBlood)
  6. Breed Hext
  7. Build Archer, defend
  8. Breed Zin


I don’t know how that could happen as it’s pretty straight forward. Not sure a “guide” would be any helpful for those people who can get stuck in a tutorial tbh.


this you mean?


Yes, yes…
Thank you
Is the Tutorial mode just until that part?


I dont know, I had seen it by chance so I put it here. you can do further research or just log out of your account and do it.


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