Tweak needed to Infrastructure Storage Mechanics

Infrastructure Storage Mechanics

As teams grow they are wanting to trade up infrastructure as they get higher lvl castles and currently the only way to do this is by taking a 10% hit on your Infrastructure set and (assuming it isn’t conquered outright) includes arranging a time consuming garrison clearing from your team (48hrs+ of reminders - in-game mails, @groups and Line notifications) AND a laborious coordination with an ally team (assuming you have one who can travel to you and spend an 30min-1hr+) to conquer it for you… 3+ days later you’ve done it! Conquered your own castle, have your hard earned infrastructure in storage, and now you get rewarded with a 10% loss as soon as you place that stored infrastructure set on a new castle. :see_no_evil:

So, basically, after all that work you get penalized for accomplishing part of the core Atlas objective just because of the limitations of the current storage mechanic.

Create a simple swap and/or storage option for infrastructure exactly like towers on a base (as if an infrastructure set = a tower). Obviously, not option if an enemy primarch(s) is present.

Understandably, the storage mechanic was initially designed to safe-guard against total destruction from the other teams, and understandably came with a 10% consequence.

However, this mechanic (in it’s limitations) runs contrary the intrinsic growth model of the Atlas game, (does little to profit PG except where more timers might get spent) and is especially outmoded by the new 4.0 rating/payouts system.


I think you’re right – there should be a way to move your infrastructure up to a higher level castle without penalty. We have to be careful to avoid abuse (e.g., saving your infra just before it is stolen) but I think your proposal would do the trick (along with this only working if you are moving it into a higher level castle … lateral moves probably shouldn’t be free, I think). It’s not something we’ll be able to work on soon given the major release that’s kicking off, but it’s definitely worth revisiting after that.


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