Tweaks to Glory Scaling

Based on discussions with players (e.g., Suggestion for GP scaling), we’ve the updated Glory Scaling mechanic. Glory Scaling is still intended to reward fights with competitive teams and players (relative to one’s own team and level). Previously, glory payouts were modified by two multipliers – one based on how your team’s influence rank compares and another based on how your level compares. These multipliers are now averaged rather than multiplied.

So what does this really mean for you?

  • If you attack someone of the same or higher level (or 300+) you’ll get at least half of the maximum glory payout now (100% from the level multiplier averaged with, in the worst case 0% from the team influence multiplier --> 50% of max glory payout).
  • Glory payouts will more gradually degrade versus weaker teams, providing everyone with more reasonable targets to fight (as long as you stick to targets in your competitive level range) … but going way below your own power level will still be very suboptimal.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on this change. This is a first step; we’ll monitor the change of the coming days (or longer) and make additional adjustments as needed.

NOTE: The circular/radial menu preview showing you how much glory you will earn still uses the old formula. It unfortunately cannot be updated until the next app update, but we wanted to push this change now anyway since it seemed worthwhile to get the benefits of the change even if the preview is out of sync for a little while (it will never overestimate the result, at least!).


This change is live now ? :eyes:

Is this live right now?

This seems like it can be a big step in the right direction! Still believe that team influence is not the best measurement as there are strong teams with lowish influence. For example there are quite a few Diamond teams ranked below 20…I don’t believe anyone should take a hit against them :man_shrugging:t2:

Let’s see how this works tho.

Yes, the change is live. You can use the calculator to check it out too.

Cool and thx!!

Doesn’t seem to be working.

Edit: I’ve restarted the app every which way btw

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Yup. Those are the old values.

That should show ~ 82% and ~ 70% respectively if my math is right.

Oops, the player-facing calculator patch had not been deployed (it is up to date now though!).


lol thank you :pray:t2:

Is this radial glory preview fixed with the current update v4.30 ?

So I keep getting destroyed by 300+ players in no man’s land. Exactly how suboptimal is it for them farming all the small players? I lose all my troops and get basically no glory. Not very fun when there is not even a small chance of successful attack or defend.

Easy fix… stop sitting in no man’s land

So much so that they are up in arms about it. Many have moved to lower teams in order to bypass team scaling.

It’s scaling by player level starting at 70% Of your level. So a 300 can hit a 210 without scaling at all. And 200 is probably not scaled too terribly.

So basically dont play…thats a great solution.

I cant stop or even hurt a harbinger with a base in the 180s verse a 340. They need some form of mechanism to balance levels better if open world is ever going to be fun.

I was thinking the other day that there should be a difference in defensive glory between whether you get destroyed by someone twice your size or your same level. I mean, you should get more glory for making someone 100 levels above you use 2 dragons than if you make someone your same level do the same? Clearly, one is more difficult than the other.
By that same token, you should get less glory if a level 200 5 -flames you as compared to a level 400, right?

a Lvl 300 hitting a lvl 180 gets very low glory. Use the calculator in Atlas season to see how much exactly. Make sure u put urself as the defender in the calc

It works out to be about 70% with next to zero chance of failure barring disconnect.

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How many players 100 levels higher than you with dragons that match there level have you stopped? Runs where they are trying.