Twenty minute transfer time?

Hi. This might be a silly question, but what’s the reason for wood & food transfers taking twenty minutes? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if it was immediate? :thinking:

I feel you are bouncing wood between teammates during fort, it gives 20 minutes to raid between bounces. This helps to gain more wood and keep it protected at the same time. That is one reason.


I see it as a game mechanic. Keeps people from transferring too much too quickly and possibly cheating.

I find it nice to request 200k lumber and have 100k sent but have 20 min to raid for the other 100k


That is a really good point lol. I didn’t think about the cheating factor. I would like to see transfer caps increased (unless they’ve already done that with the new update?) but that’s a different topic. Thanks guys :grin:

The transfer caps increase as you Lv up. But I agree the transfer caps could be a little higher, it would be nice to transfer more.

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Yes 229k hasn’t been scaling for a while (assuming your level is high enough to hit the 229k cap that applies to level 300, 400, 500, etc)

To be honest, if I could go back in time I’d make it even more restrictive. I’d change it such that if someone successfully attacks your base during the 20 minutes they can steal the resources you were trying to send… it just fits better with the game design and expectations of how it should work.

That would make it 10x more confusing. Pop-up saying I began to send 230k lumber to a teammate, pop-up a minute later saying it would change to 130k? I like the way it is; allows players to actually rack up enough lumber for a build without getting it all raided away (which the higher level you go the more difficult that gets). And for players attacking, it’s not so difficult to pick a base with lumber that shows the player as offline. The way it is now seems to have a nice balance.

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With all due respect, how on earth?

You pack the imaginary camels
Send them to your teammate(s)
Your base gets hit
The camels - far, far away - lose their cargo

It’s madness.


Promoting violence against messenger dragons :scream:


Bad idea. It would make fort impossible because of revenge attacks.

Holy crap, that would really be a scewed up move. As it is storage protection levels should be raised or the amount we can transfer should be raised.

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Lol. The ability to send it off is a balance mechanic of its own. That would be a terrible idea. Are you trolling?

During fortification, resources are sought after to a point of ridiculousness. The funny part is that all you have to do is wait for the last two days since youbcant really participate for any meaningful score without using timers.

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