Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider: Name and Lore Contest Official Discussion Thread

Please ask any questions regarding the Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider Naming Contest here.

Full announcement:

She’s a princess daughter of a deity.

Mulan-fa, fighting for her family’s honor against the Mongol hoard. She has a tiny pet dragon who gives her advice and protection.

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@Arelyna regarding the weapon, is it Shuriken (throwing stars) or Kunai (throwing dagger)?

Might hold a small sword and have a hidden dagger in her left boot, but also a star in the other hand, 15 on her dress, and 1 in her hair,

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The official weapon choice was shuriken, though Johannes threw in a hand blade for her to wield since she’s that dangerous. :slight_smile:


Will she be available this spring season?



It’s a defense rider ?! :flushed:
That’s unfortunate :expressionless: look like I’m not getting her unless her stats are good.

Same… was hoping she was offensive to put on somnus (machine gun sally) beat thing about one offensive and one defensive rider each season is you only have 3 perches… then what? Never need another defensive rider… kinda think the second rider should have two class skill trees available to roll defensive or offensive but thats just me.

She needs to be offensive rider, we don’t need anymore defensive only 3 perches


@Arelyna I have a couple of questions regarding submission requirements:

  1. Are contestants permitted to submit more than one entry if they have a few different ideas?

  2. Is there a preferred approximate length or word count?

I want to make sure I don’t hinder my entry by writing too much!

Compared to the 699 offense riders we currently have?

I’m all for a new defense rider with different state arrangements and unique skills


Plus not everyone has defensive rider already.


This is the real reason PG is right on point keeping the same 1:1 ratio of offensive to defensive riders each season. Players who don’t have a single defensive rider will have a chance to obtain one every season.


I think you can. We do prefer you choose your favorite though.

Try and keep it to a similar length as the dragon lore that are in the blogs.


Perfect. Thank you for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:

I’m not holding my breath. I’m expecting Lorenzo stats.

Likely something different tbh. They did add hunter ammo for the first time in a non atlas rider so a good chance something unique comes along with this defense rider. :man_shrugging: we’ll see in a few weeks I guess.

Because Ammo is so “unique” these days :joy:

They have a laundry list a mile long to choose from that we put together for them. Just make something different happen. And construction bonus isn’t unique.