Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider: Name and Lore Contest Official Discussion Thread


Unless they have it like Atlas Defensive rider.
Very high construction bonus, but low stat boost.


I stand by my statement. Construction bonus isn’t unique. Give us something different (unless they can must up a -20% construction discount)


Yep. Something like this.
Perhaps 20 - 25% Construction boost, 50% food / wood production, and 25% battle consumable boost. Also, 0 HP / AP boost… (or pick anything interesting from your thread)


Looks like the voting is live

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As @Valediction mentioned, name and lore voting is now live!! Check out this post on the Announcement thread for the link to vote and to read each of the Top 10 submissions.


Mikaze or Harukaze. So hard to decide :rofl:

They were all great though!

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I think I liked the backstory for Harukaze better so it got my vote :upside_down_face:

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Defensive rider is a must for season brunches for new players.:blush:
If there are no new players, war dragons will decline.:disappointed:

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Still think 2 skill trees and you choose for each rider


I had to vote for Mikaze. I like its simplicity without going overboard and without wasting words describing what’s already pictured in her portrait. I also think it’s the best fit for a defensive rider to have her protecting something rather than being on some quest for revenge (arguably the opposite of defending something).


The votes are in! This new Rider will be…Kazane, Maiden of the Shrine!

Thanks to Dragon Lord @Shinobia for submitting the winning name and lore, plus a special thanks to our Top 10 entrants and everyone who submitted and voted for this new Rider! Kazane will be available in-game next week as a part of the Springblossom Season! :tada:

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