Two Atlas Resource Bugs

There are two bugs concerning resources, nothing that breaks the game but just things to maybe jot down on the to-do list:

  1. When you transfer to a bank it does not adjust the amount when you come out of Atlas unless you restart the app. However, if you try to transfer again it says you do not have enough “piercing”. I’m not a fan of needles so I hope this is a simple typo or else I might be in a bit of trouble.

  2. Sometimes when you try to transfer gold and you just move the slider to the end, this is usually a bank to bank, it will tell you that you tried to transfer more than the allowed amount.


bug doesnt happen if your Bank is lvl 6 or higher. but saw that one happen also on lower lvl banks

  1. happens to us when we are transferring to players. We always have to send less than the max.

Another issue is that i have been unable to type in the amount i want to transfer to a teammate. (bank just freezes up on me) I can only use the scale and try to get it close to the figure i wanted.

Another bug is sometimes your gold hits show as giving you double the amount of gold, then when you build troops it says an error since your shown gold is higher then what you actually have.

We’ve definitely been hearing about a few issues with Gold balances syncing properly in the UI.

@Panda for #1, do you mean the Bank balance does not update, or your own RSS balance?

For #2, is this only happening when the slider is moved to the maximum? Does the same issue occur at MAX - 1?

@oRYANo If you can recall, what was the source of your Gold immediately prior to this? Was it from another transfer from a player, or from an attack on a Gold Mine? One other detail: did you level up a Primarch immediately beforehand?

Thanks in advance for the details––they should help us narrow down the causes.

@PGEggToken Normally it would happen when I would start up my runs to build troops. So for example I would have 5k good on me, do an attack on a poacher (I believe it’s happened on mines as well) which would give me 150k gold. After completing the attack it would say I have 305k instead of the 155k. Then I would try to build 305 troops, get an error, type in 155 troops which would go through. Restarting the game would sometimes correct my gold total to the proper amount.

Edit: Haven’t leveled my prims before errors occurs. The only common occurrence I can think of is it’s normally happens once in my first couple of attacks in atlas after opening the game.

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I’m having the exact same issues mentioned in this thread.
For me it works like this:

Say I have 300k of food and wood in my storage. I send 200k of each to a team bank, go back to the normal game screen and it is showing i have 168k in storage. A restart brings the number to the expected 100k. Btw the actual real remaing amount doesn’t matter, if it’s below 168k, it will show 168k.

The “sending amount is more than the allowed” thing also happens to some bank when sending both to players and to other banks.

Also a visual glitch:


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