Two Death Gaze shots?

Hello Guys,
Yesterday while doing one of my event runs, I noticed something I’ve not encountered anywhere. I was cleaning up the farms and mills of this base (fairly high level compared to mine) and I had to hit each building twice with Death Gaze to kill it. My DG from Ember only did around 80% damage to the buildings.

Is this something that can happen? Was this a bug? My teammate who was in the attack could see this as well so I’m sure it is not a visual glitch on my side. Have you guys seen something like this before?

Death gaze is not guaranteed to one shot anything. There is also the little glitch that happens with some spells. Tagging the Ember Expert @mechengg zoom zoom


Level 1 ember?

Level 3 I think kills everything right now. Maybe need level 4 for level 80 towers.

Yes, it was a level 1 Ember.

Yep level ember up a bit. Dg does an massive increase in damage and the new towers, boosted with good rider and gear can shrug it off.

My Ember is lvl6 and that glitch still happens to me from time to time. Especially on high lvl farms…

Yeah need a few levels on him.

I’ve never experienced the bug/glitch that comes from selecting the spell and shooting it too fast like one would experience with southern Cross or sand where it picks up the regular attack damage. I can fire off DG very very fast and I’ve never experienced it, in the order of 4 or 5 if there aren’t instant beam attacks and no red mages (think invader type)


Okay, I’ve leveled up my Ember to level 6 (no stones of course :stuck_out_tongue: ). Basically since I was used to killing all farms with one DG, I was just taken aback to see each building taking two hits. But if this is something that can happen, then I guess it is not such a big issue.

Thank you for clearing this up guys. :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

I guess this has been solved. @moderators