Two identical glyphs for mythical Telment

I evolved Telment to mythic … The mythic glyph found in the Ascension branch is identical to the mythic glyph of the legendary telment branch … Basically you end up with two identical glyphs for Telment. Question: can both be applied on Telment? Because if this were not the case, one of the two would unfortunately be useless.

you will have two in your inventory but you can equip only one of those

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I would still save the extra glyph bc 8% HP is still a pretty significant boost for any legendary sorcerers that might need it.


I wish I had both. I did the Durgoth line, and mythic Telment. I have plenty of hunter glyphs for other dragons but very short of sorcerer HP glyphs. :man_facepalming:

That’s really disappointing. A teammate alerted us to the mythic ascensions having the same spells. Quite lacking considering that last season the mythic ascensions had an updated spell which was transformative to the mythic level. Maintaining the same spells with runes that’s are exactly the same provide no substantial benefit. The dragons are just super legendaries and not true mythics in my opinion.

I mean you’re basically asking for them to just make the legendary version of the spell worse in order to make it require different runes. You’d rather need to level 2 sets of runes because one becomes useless other than providing a stat boost?
Yes the dragons this season are all mediocre but I dont think having 2 sets of the same runes is the issue at all.
The problem isn’t the runes, it’s this stupid and terrible new season structure with the ascending mythics. That needs to go and return back to how it was before the unchained season.

Personally I’d rather have the option to pick which secondary boost we can get for the runes.


I do like that we get 2 same glyphs for mythic. We only need to level 1 now, not 2 as before.

At the absolute worst, if we can’t go back to the old structure atleast change the two sets of runes and glyphs.
In the legendary line have all Att secondary. In the mythic all hp… Or vice versa some mix or other.

Oh wait that doesn’t work because then they can stack. :sob:

Make secondary’s choosable


extra rune dust needed as well

But why shouldn’t they stack? If they make the mythics more alluring more players, particularly lower level players will be more inclined to go for them. Currently, for higher level players, getting a mythic is obligate. PG needs to either go back to the droned structure or defined legendary and defined mythics or just accept that some players are going to be whiny little softies because they cannot compete. If a dragon is not going to be strong then is it a mythic? I contend it is not.

Because if Player (A) did the leg sorcerer line and the mythic branch then they’d have an advantage over Player (B) who did the leg hunter line but then decided to go for the sorcerer and used those hunter stones on Telment. They’d have only gotten 1 set of runes while Player (A) has 2 stacking sets, each reducing cd. Not really fair when both players obtained the same amount and got the same mythic.

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