Two New Questions


I acquired the Sapphire stone for Cavaleris and have 2200 sigils left over. I assume I should press on to the Garnet stone.

Also, I have 40k rubies stored up. Should I buy 10 Gold chest hoping for some sigils and black pearls or keep my powder dry and save the rubies for sigils chests at the end of the season?


Depends on your level. If you’re far away from being able to use the next stone, then spend them on something else. By the time you can use those stones there will be better season dragons to use.

There’s also no point saving sigils since there’s nothing else coming in the season and there will be no more price reductions on lines.

I’d honestly save the rubies for next season.


I am Level 49. Sapphire seems far away to me but earlier advice was to go for Sapphire. Now that I am there I wonder if it’s worth going on to Garnet.


It might depend on how far you can get down another line.


It only takes a season or two for a dragon to become irrelevant, and since I don’t see a level 49 getting to garnet tier in 3-6 months without a lot of spending, I would say get something else. Cavaleris especially, as a warrior, will become irrelevant pretty quickly.

Would recommend Prospero and learning to fly hunters or a rider.


I’d recommend her trying to get Prospero to…gold, at least? That’s about 6k sigils if I’m not wrong.

Are there any nice prizes between sapphire and garnet? :thinking:


If possible, I’d rather continue to Garnet, unless the Gold Pros is required for Temple Raid.


Yeah, there’s…two weeks left in the season, so starting a new dragon may not necessarily be wise? Things go by fast when you’re still in the double digits.

How useful do you think a garnet Cav is, though? :thinking:


Probably only a little more than Gold Pros :rofl: (depends on the usage, it might be better).
Also, prizes are cheaper on higher part of the branch.


The only nice prize i remember is…the 50 mystic frags? Idk, the actual nice prizes lie between the stones from garnet to obsidian :wink:


1.6M Rune Dust
50 Mystic
Mythic Glyph
6.5k egg token.

All are nice drop IMO.

One after garnet is 25 gold chests.


Only if you have stuff to use it on.

Eh, yeah, but…there’s always next season :wink:

I mean I guess…but Cav is honestly quite shit. I do expect to see more dragons with regeneration, though.

Remind me about the sigil cost :sob:


900 sigils each, which is not that bad.


I’m always really sad whenever I have to spend my sigils on ice/fire shards and those measly egg token prizes :sob:

But yeah, mystic frags are WORTH.


Baaaaa baaa baaaaa ba ba baaaa baaa


Cav for a warrior is actually quite good have you used it at all?



(I actually do have him, yes. Not very impressed.)


Mine’s still lvl 1 with no xp banked on him :rofl:


It’s a very sheep like dragon… baaaaaa


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