Two players lvl 339 and 384 LFT

Two good active players are looking for an active team in Sapphire range, nicely established, having castles in all elements, achieving final team prize without much struggling. Humor is okay and welcomed, but no foul language pls.
Looking for a team after the fort. Message me in game, on forum, or here in this topic. I’m a lot on forum so I’m looking forward to have a little chat.

LFT – 339 AnchangSapphire 2 to Sapphire 1-3


Language: Russian, English, Japanese
Time Zone: close to European
Played time: almost 2 years
Age Range: 20s
Elite Account?: WD - yes, Atlas - no
Dragon Roster Includes: Ronin, Prospero, Gunnar (next Namaka)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Rajin (next Sanguis)

About: dedicated player, not a jumper, quite a grinder, knows how to Atlas, how to plan the season, hits targets 150-200 levels higher than herself. Always getting points for at least the last team prize, good in atlas (unless on vacation).

Second player is lvl 384, as dedicated as myself, a very good pilot, a big grinder, has Ronin, Pathox, Surt, Huitzil, highest linage is Sanguis.

We are a package deal :slight_smile:


was about to suggest a few teams, then I saw


what are your IGNs?

Check our SandSlingers, message me in game if interested :blush:

Thank you so much for your interest, and so many messages. We found a home for now :hugs:
Fly high everybody, have fun and have a nice event :v:t2:

@moderators you can close this thread for now :blush:

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Let us know if you want it reopened :slight_smile: