Two questions about Atlas primarchs 🦖

Well, I’m about to ask two kinda noob-ish questions. Forgive me. What can I say? I really like talking to you all! :stuck_out_tongue:
So, I’m about to unlock the third primarch slot and I have some questions pertaining to it.

:gold: What should I put in that third slot?
:gold: Are silver primarchs (specifically a silver Destroyer) worthy investments compared to bronze ones? (Troop loss, leveling costs, etc)

For a little background info: I’m level 137. I have a bronze Destroyer at 13 with enough glory to go to level 15, as well as a bronze Trapper at level 8. I like attacking to gain glory a lot more than defending, and I don’t currently have Atlas Elite though I might in the future.
I’ve been thinking of putting a Sieger in that third slot but if a silver Destroyer would be a valuable addition to my roster then I’ll do that instead. I’m not really an expert on Primarchs so I’m coming here for advice.
Any input? :v: :t_rex:

The destroyer is for both attacking and being attacked but not excelling at either.

It depends on both you and your team. If you mostly attack solo, then destroyer may be best. Although a sieger is also good if you run kamikaze attacks and resummon constantly. I suspect that mechanic will eventually be nerfed.

Personally I have them all, and switch which ones I’m using based on the situation. If that’s how you plan to be, it’s more of a question on what is the next one to get.

Without knowing anything about your team or about your account other than level, I might get a sieger for that third slot and when you get your destroyer to 15, replace your current destroyer with the silver one when you wish to use it


I sincerely think third primarch slot is unnecessary for our levels.
I’d rather get a silver primarch and use diamonds to level it.
I personally use Sieger and trapper only. My sieger is silver and i do what Eidolon says most of the time.
You can always resummon another primarch using 1 hour or 2 hour speedups instantaneously so i find third slot pretty redundant unless you have taunter.


At your level, I would stick with the destroyer. A seigers is good to have, but you risk a lot of troops with it. Keep in mind, trappers can hit seigers with no real risks.

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Yep, I’m no good at kamikaze-ing. I prefer to play it on the safe side… or get some Vanguard backup, that works too :stuck_out_tongue: Kinda leaning toward throwing a silver Destroyer in the third slot but I don’t know if keeping a bronze and silver one out at the same time is necessary or the best choice.

I’ve been instructed by my leadership to do it, so I’m down for it :man_shrugging: :t_rex:

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The third slots biggest use is to protect more castles, but that’s unlikely to be you at your level.

Many will disagree with me but even small players can use siegers properly during team based attacks with trapper and taunter support.

I also find that having an army of siegers with 1 troop or just enough for one attack isnveey good to debuff a fort.

The trick about siegers is that it’s not really good for solo work and you will often find you should have backup or pick out a right sized target in advance. Smaller levels can often do more good as a trapper (as boring as that may be)

I have the third slot opened even on my alts, but it’s not really necessary. More of an extra convienice.


Yikes, that is an odd instruction. 2 strong Primarchs > 3 weak ones.

Wait until you get your Primarchs to mid-level silver and they cost 12m+ gold per upgrade, you might end up wishing you didnt waste diamonds on a 3rd slot.


:scream: 30k diamonds? (Ok. Perhaps just around 26k or so…)

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Agree here.

This could be a problem with siegers. As @IIIRogueIII said siegers take tons of troops. So elite might be necessary for siegers.

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leave trapper at catsle for defending
bring a combo of taunter and sieger to nml so sieger can be safe while attacking?
sooner or later you are gonna get that third slot because why not?

What I did was get a destroyer to silver, focus on a trapper and 3rd slot when time comes get the taunter or sieger (depending if your base is easy and good to defend or are your attacks extremely high) .


  1. Trapper or a silver trapper. As a 137, unless your base shoots down garnets and emeralds on the reg…taunters are counterintuitive. Generally stupid idea to leave a sieger on a team castle, so pull that out only when needed instead of having it languish in the third spot. More troops on the bronze trapper is probably a better choice than on the silver one, though.
  2. Silver destroyers are worth it imo. Pros: better stats as you level it up Cons: greater troop loss cap. But, if you don’t take more than you can use in one attack out in nml (in Aligane, your level means that you’ll be meeting mostly bronze primes anyway, so the kill cap will remain at 7500 and so you should probably only bring 3.7k out in one go) you won’t be risking any more troops than you would on a bronze destroyer.
    Also, none of the glory you earn on a maxed bronze prime is logged on it and you won’t be able to perform as well in prime levelling events.

My stats on a level 1 silver are 287/287 with the prime boost. One of my teammates in on 406/406 (?) As a small player, sometimes, people overlook your dp and just blindly hit you in nml…which results in suffering and death for them. I say it’s good for us.

Also, you get to leave a prime on a castle of your choice when you bring two to aligane :wink: Easily farm more gold! Waste fewer speeds farming gold and sneaking troops off a prime under attack simultaneously!

NOO !! :cry: This is what I love doing most and the easiest way for me to gain glory for my riders and event.

On another Note, I don’t really see why another slot will be important at this level since you will be having to pay a ton of diamonds to unlock it which could rather be used to level up the primarchs instead.

I normally only keep Trapper summoned and at castle, and when in need of an attack, I can always set my home to the nearest neutral zone and summon my Sieger and transfer troops as needed. :roll_eyes:


I have 3 just because… I can and I had too many diamonds with nothing to spend on…

Really useful for defending multiple castles as Eidolon said. I usually run 2 trappers and one other. Taunter/sieger combo is also good for NML attacks.

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So, I have had it unlocked. With silver it allows you to have both silver and bronze trapper at the same time plus a Sieger for your level.

Silver does give higher bonuses starting at level 7 for base stats. Before then it’s less than a maxed bronze.

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I use 3 primarchs so i can farm matts on different places :joy:. Mainly for matts nothing else :joy:


Really? Does it matter the level of your trapper? I always use my trapper. I am happy with my base layout so it is fun to see people struggle but anyways. I have the stress of attacking but sometimes I see a “gem” and I can never get it because I am using trapper. By the time I get seiger there it would be gone. What do you suggest for trapper:seiger levels?

Just make sure the attack power of your trapper is higher than the defensive power of the seiger you are hitting. Or at the very least, close enough in value that you don’t lose waaay more troops than you bargained for.


What @LizDrakemoor said :point_up_2:

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