Two suggestions for making the Fighting Pit event slightly better

I’ll state at the onset that neither of these changes affect actual gameplay or core event mechanics—both thoughts are geared toward simply streamlining navigation of the event.

  1. When entering the Battle menu (or when brought back to the battle menu after an attack), it would be nice if the game jumped to whatever section a player’s team was currently fighting in.

  2. After examining a player’s base to determine if they’re viable, it would be helpful if cancelling the attack brought the user back to the same team’s roster (instead of backing the user all the way out to the Battle menu, once again requiring them to scroll down [if they aren’t in the Coliseum], select the same team, then scroll through the roster to check on the next player).

I recognize that there are plenty of forum regulars who are probably in the top one or two tiers every event, and this wouldn’t make a huge difference for them. But it seems to me that the less time spent scrolling and tapping through menus—and more time flying/using Energy and Inner Fire—would be a QoL improvement appreciated by many.

Of course, there’s a possibility I’m overlooking some key reason for the current setup, though I can’t immediately think of what those might be.


Agreed, the menuing is atrocious in the game currently.


I agree! Also, it’d be easier if you could see more than 4 or 5 players at a time on the screen where you choose who to attack :sweat_smile:

I know @forScience has posted screenshots somewhere about this glaring issue of wasted space…



Do you think you could maybe keep this suggestion/complaint in one spot rather than starting new conversations about it in multiple threads?


I tried a few searches and didn’t see an active thread specifically focused on these two items—nor did any relevant threads pop up as similar topics when I was creating the thread.

Given that the mods haven’t closed this thread as a duplicate, I’m inclined to think there’s no problem.

I meant this

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Hahh, my bad. I was looking at this on my phone and didn’t see the reply tab :man_facepalming:

Also one of my accounts after the attack finished I have to wait 1-4 minutes every time for the points calculation screen to appear - which is a huge problem when the last 15 minutes can be frenetic achieving promotion and avoiding demotion - and I was just doing supers with inner fires and one backer. If you back out I don’t know if the points register as they appear after subsequent battles and often don’t count as being too late.


Player levels and Defense levels must be the same. THEY MUST tally.

Yes please stop messing with the event screens it’s almost too hard to navigate for the newer players and there’s always issues

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