Two Topics (well venting issues I have): 1. Recruiting 2. Wars in Lower Leagues

Two issues I am having right now…let’s start with topic number two, my most frustrating one.

  • Myself and my teammates (levels 50 - 217), started our own new team due to a falling out with our prior leader. Currently I am the leader of our new team and we have two officers. Obviously we started in the bronze league. So guess what we need to do to rank up in leagues? Declare wars. It’s already bad enough that I have a level 217 attacking a poor level 8 - 20, we know it’s what we have to do to rank up and just get it over with. But what is worse is the fact that teams from bronze - silver leagues have teams out there that have almost half the membership banned/inactive. You’d think that wouldn’t be an issue right? Well imagine declaring a team that had 25 members, in the top five teams in league rank, so you declare. Just another embarrassing war on a team filled with level 25’s and below…but guess what when you’re team logs in to do their hits, they have to go down player by player to find someone to attack because even though the player is banned/inactive they still show up on the opposing teams roster. So guess what that means? Even though the player is there…even though you know you can beat them, you can’t cause you get stopped by the “Player not found, account could be banned/inactive.” My team lost a war specifically because of the opposing teams banned/inactive players. Now obviously all new teams have the set up where “Auto-Kick” is enabled, but obviously auto-kick is NOT working. PG please come up with a way where a team gets automatic five flames for banned/inactive players on a team just like a team would if the opposing team had a player leave during war. The frustration that arises from my teammates when they can’t attack a player in war becomes something that is demoralizing and especially if we lose when the odds showed in our favor.

Let’s move on the topic two…

RECRUITMENT, RECRUITMENT, RECRUITMENT. UGH, we all hate recruiting. It’s a total pain trying to find people for your team who contribute and are active and who do their wars and events and everything else, and just keeping a good player on the team. Why is it that when i hit the “Recruit Members” button, it will send it to active players on OTHER TEAMS, why not send it to players WITHOUT teams. Personally I like sending a personalized message, but it becomes time consuming when i go scout for teamless members in the game by going into attack mode and scrolling thru the list of players since a player or two will pop up showing they aren’t in a team. That’s the only method for finding players without teams. Yes there is LC where players will pop up and say “Hey teams, come fight for me and blow up LC cause I’m a without a team and I want all your offers”, give us leaders/officers an option to scout for members without teams in a more simpler way, an easier and less time consuming way.

Rant over.


Have you recruited though Facebook groups, Twitter, the forums, the official live streams, or any other method?

Starting a team isn’t easy, and yeah, you’re going to have to work your tail off to recruit.


haha I’ve posted on here, I joined four groups on facebook and posted for recruiting as well as other means. I’d just like to be able to see players in the game who don’t have teams. The moment a player posts anywhere in any forum that they don’t have a team, 20 people come flocking in.

What’s your minimum level and acceptance set at?

Right now we are on auto-accept for level 50 and above

Might be setting your standards too high. I had my gold team where my alt is lower it to 20 and they had a bunch of active members in no time. And they we’re already an established team with 45 players, and they kick for war misses now.

it’s a consideration I have been making lowering the requirement level.

If you need members, lower the requirement. Can’t be picky if you need the players.

aw but moooommmmmm lol jk

Farm people until they join. Foolproof, and establishes pecking order.


Gold II is in such bad shape now we have resorted to throwing wars to drop leagues in preparation for the Gauntlet event. Wish you and your team the best of luck out there.

Bad shape how, same as the OP or more? (asking out of actual interest, not sarcasm)

Our team does not have a level 217 account to compete with this new normal. There have always been high-level players in Gold for whatever reason but now it is just too much. We will drop down and report back where the best sub-100 level league is now.

My alt’s old team has been in Plat 4 for 7-8 weeks with current global rank of 1093. They’ve been as high as 980. Highest level on that team is 133 followed by 99. It can be done :man_shrugging:

How is your alt’s team doing in the events?

I’m not sure about recent performance as I’m not there anymore - but usually not so great given their low levels! They’re great at wars though! :+1:

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