Types of dragons

Who can tell me which dragons are expert dragons and do they all top out at level 15?

Only Rare level dragons reach expert at level 15. Epics are expert at level 20, and legendaries are expert at level 30.

So all dragons will become expert, it just depends on what type they are as to when it happens. Thank you so very much for you help. :grin:

Expert dragons means it is maxed level. Rare dragons go to 15, Epic to 20, Legendary to 30. There are exceptions to this and also it changes once you reach platinum tier (above that I’m a little shaky). Something below rare (not labeled with anything ie. rare, epic, etc. expert at level 10). I think Plat legendary other than Rizar go to level 35. Then I think it goes level 30 for legendary and 35 for mythic, at least for a bit. At least I think this is the case lol. I feel like I’m confusing myself as I type

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What about the evolving dragons like Ember?

Not sure but if you have been leveling yours I would stop. Level one is best. I didn’t know any better so mine is level 6.

Ember only goes up to orange tier and is maxed at level 21 I believe.Best to keep at level 1.

My Ember is at 11 right now. She is my best. What should I do?

You can’t really do anything once you’ve leveled it.Best thing to do as Cheeky said is stop leveling it.

Level 11 is really too late to bother stopping so I’d just level it to max you can without spending more money and then leave it there.

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