Types of War Dragons Participants


Players they communicate and work together to coordinate to make the team successful.

The Chameleon: 4-phase entity.

Phase 1 - Cloaks itself in a Player persona to gain entry. Virtually undetectable.

Phase 2 - a.k.a. “Leach” - Leaches can only negatively impact those players who first notice them not doing much. They start to manifest by constantly asking for RSS, and sharing little to none. Show up to do a War run (sometimes) and then leave! Never see these helping to defend or if they do, it’s so short that the rest defending don’t remember them.

Phase 3 - a.k.a. “FreeLoader” - Leach(es) will morph into “FreeLoaders” if their behavior isn’t reversed by Officers or peer pressure. Basically, more players are taking notice and they are a bit upset. Officers may get complaints from players, usually from those who are the most dependable “Players”. This is where unrest in the Team starts to manifest. This is a critical point, if FreeLoaders aren’t stopped or kicked off the team, they evolve into:

Phase 4 - a.k.a. VAMPIREs! - these creatures will suck the life out of a team fast and can wipe it out! VAMPIREs interfere in the process, they don’t defend, they are most active during non-wars and non-events grabbing whatever they can. In between they are sleeping in their coffins! By now most likely your best players have already or are about to quit the team.

Players you can help! HOW? Ever hear of PEER PRESSURE? If you notice a member repeatedly not helping the team, etc. send a “PRIVATE EMAIL” asking if there is anything YOU can do to help them. Make it nice, you don’t know their circumstances, be positive. Few members will ignore a PM or many (:joy:). Don’t put them on the defensive, they may be in the early leach stage and there may be hope for them. If behavior continues, email Officer.

Officers should be taking action before VAMPIRE phase. BE WARNED!


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