UIX issue on temple guardians

For some reason the “defeat guardians…” text was moved from the front page to the attacking page so that it is now very difficult to click on a temple guaridan’s attack icon because the text physically sits on top of the icon blocking it.

I can do it with my fingernail on the tiny sligher of icon thats not obstructed by this text

But this change seems pointless can it please be reverted back to how it was?

I dont have this issue. Usually issues like this are with your text size and/or screen zoom in your phone settings.

I used to get chest drops like this until I changed mine

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All mine are factory default settings. But that text shouldn’t be there should it? It used to be on the front page from memory.

I have been having UI issues on Android too for a few weeks now. Mostly it’s just annoying but in this case I can’t access the temple guardians at all so can’t really take part in the event. I updated operating system on phone which helped for a few minutes by changing the size back to normal, then the problem came back . Would be nice to have a quick fix for this.

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It’s on mine and looks normal

Your text also looks a lot larger than mine so I’d still try reducing it down and see if that helps

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Cheers that does look quite different I’ll give that a try for next guardians. Thanks!!

Update : that fixed it. I changed from medium font to tiny font.

Oddly it seems I had it on default size and I have never had this issue before so I still think UIX team should take a look at the way they handle text scaling and at least build from the default setting.

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Yay, glad that is fixed for you :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


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