Uk update available yet?

And yes Imalive :sweat_smile:
Ian the new update live for England?

Yes it is.

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I don’t see it in my App Store, and my game is still in the winter update?

i had to delete game then reinstall to get mine to update. mine wasn’t showing in the app store either.

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if its on iOS, slide it downward or upward to refresh it while on the Update section of the App Store.

If it’s on Android, browse Pocket Gems list of games and find war dragons. If there is a 3 [ . ] line beside it, tap that and the update should appear.

If all else fail, remove and reinstall.

Sometimes refresh isn’t done automatically and you have to manually do it to display the updates. Just wait 1 minute after refreshing to see it appear.

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It worked thanks a lot :pray:t2:

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