Ultimat trap and no trapper cool down lol

x:-1298.4 y:593.1 looks like the new API pg talked about dont work, auto trap is still going on check it for urself lol

Dumb and dumber :joy: :joy:


That trapper has been stuck in there for 2 hrs he cant move becouse the auto trap keep trapping, and its the same player who trap him with no trap cool Down, @PGGalileo @PGEggToken u guys better do something about this, this is clearly against TOS, if that is not then this game is full of cheaters and u wont do anything about it, @Three Said something about it and nothing has done yet

If you have enough troops you can trap for longer than the cooldown.


Before tagging PG people and accusing teams of cheating, maybe you need to learn how trapper and traps cooldown work :man_shrugging:


U wanna see a video bro? How it auto trapped for 2 hrs? :laughing: i have recorded that once u trapped then its trapped for 1012 sec once its gets to 450 sec its renew itself by 1012 sec again from the same player that have 52k troops, that is not possible, the trapper have a trap cool Down, and ik this case it never cool Down lol

Are we talking about AngelsNCheaters again?

:joy: this is hilarious

A maxed (s1) trapper traps for about 16 minutes.

Its cooldown is only five minutes.

I know, math is hard, but take a minute to think about this.


Yup Them again

No, we are talking about the fact that some people can’t do basic maths :joy: just because you don’t understands something, doesn’t mean it’s a cheat, hack or exploit.


I feel bad for ppl who don’t know how to play the game. @moderators do we really need another thread calling out my team?

And that player is stuck there and trapped for 2-3 hrs now i wonder how? :laughing:

Because 16 is greater than 5.


No body called ur team out, :man_shrugging:t2: I just put the coord to a castle

Ooooh so spicy :hot_face:

No. It’s clearly not. Math as you know it has been wrong all along!


Why u park on someone els castle to begin with?

I believe by the player who did the trapping, who has been laughing her ass off for hours in TC and on Line. Unless, of course, there are chat bots as well to throw bloodhounds like you off the scent.


I never parked there lol and last i checked u Can move where ever u want :man_shrugging:t2: