Ultimate healing potion

So this is not atlas related
What do you guy think about a potion that not healing the dragon by the number of time flying but the dragon will be instantly heal within 30 minutes after the potion is activated no matter how many fly it takes?
maybe forge an amount of healing potion in to 1 ultimate healing potion. It would be useful for fast training or pvp.


So it’s a potion that lets you fly a dragon without needing healing for a small amount of time? Am I reading that right?

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So more like a buff?
Only question is: How many rubies are you willing to pay for it? :money_mouth_face:

The title made me think of some potion that heals your entire roster :smile:

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Being deficient in healing pots on my main, I think this sounds like a good idea.
Although I have to agree with MareZ’s implication that if such a thing were to be added, it would be prohibitively expensive one way or another.

And as an aside: The title made me think of the Ultimate Showdown song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WgT9gy4zQA&vl=en . Man, I haven’t heard that in ages. :+1:

So, if I read you right, it would work in the vein of Siege Weapons: Let’s say that we can fly the same dragon 10 times in 30 minutes (3 minutes / run, loading times included)

That means this Ulti Poti could save you 10 Healing Potions, namely 30 hours forging or a few lucky runs, bronze chests, you name it.

Maybe I am just uber-lucky but I have 1300+ and I have been forging 12h speedups since November exclusively, when I had around 300 of them.

Regardless, the idea is lovely, but I doubt it would be available at a reasonable prize. Unless it’s available in Forge (30h) or from bronze chests.

Can I trade my 3000 potions for lifelong no healing time on any dragon forever?

I just wish there was an auto heal function i could activate that would automatically heal after each time I use a dragon. (use on of my excessive amount of potions)

Not that it happens often but it sucks when i can’t back someone because all my dragons are healing… So annoying

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Ryuu bro! :smiley:

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That the only reason i have Rhyo in my roaster lol

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Can’t we just do away with heals all together? :nerd_face:


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